Diet Rockstar Energy Drink-Double Strength Energy Drink 16oz, 24 Pack

Rockstar is a popular energy drink with a balance of vitamins and herbs. The drink includes a number of variations – the original formula, a diet version (sweetened with Ace-K and sucralose), Rockstar Juiced, Rockstar Juiced (Guava flavor) and Rockstar Energy Cola. Rockstar also contains 50mg of Guarana which also contains caffeine

Quick facts

  • Energy drink with a balance of vitamins and herbs
  • Contains 50mg of Guarana, caffeine
  • Diet version is sweetened with Ace-K and sucralose
  • Helps you gain strength and energy

Top reviews

What a horrible price!!!!

You can go to an overpriced convenience store and pay less. All these 5 star ratings must work for them
ShanitaChillicothe, MO


Way, way overpriced. You can get them at Costco for much less. If only I’d known…

Otherwise, I mean, the drink’s good…

AlonzoLedbetter, KY

Good product way overpriced

I drink at least 1 sugar free rockstar a day, but not for anywhere near this price. I purchased mine at CosCo for 28.99 for the same size of a case. That is less than half the price for those who don’t like math 🙂
ElizabethNewtown, IN

This Drink “Rocks”

I used to be a Sugar Free Red bull addict. Once I had Diet Rock Star, I converted. The drink comes in a larger container than Red Bull, which is nice, but I also like the taste better. It is great on it’s own as a pick me up, but is also great mixed with Midori or Grey Goose (and I am sure other various liquors). Plus, only 20 calories in the entire thing! I highly recommend it.
LeaWaldo, OH

Whoa Great Buzz

This stuff is awesome, I am a diabetic and so this sugar free rockstar is great for me. I love the buzz it gives me in the morning. Suffice to say this drink has less caffeine than 2 cups of coffee. My husband and many other people I know drink way more than that during the day. So the caffeine if anybody is worried about that is not really that much. The FDA recommends a person consume no more than 300mg of caffeine in a day. I don’t drink coffee (Yuk) and I don’t drink soda so I don’t have to worry about that. I wouldn’t have more than two of these a day though. Each can contains 160mg of caffeine. The taste of this is soooo much better than red bull (should be called red butt). Anyway I can’t live without this stuff now!
ReedMedicine Bow, WY

Keep on rockin’ me

This is my energy drink of choice, after Diet Coke. Sometimes if you just pound caffeine you get a weary, jittery kind of alertness, but sugar-free Rockstar gives me alertness with smoothed over edges. Good stuff. Wish it came in 12oz cans and six-packs.
KristeenVicco, KY

the boy friend can’t get enough!

My boyfriend is pretty much addicted to this stuff. And when albertsons stopped putting it on sale wee didn’t want to pay 4 dollars a can so I turned to the internet! searched lots ofsites and they all had surcharges andshipping and handling fees beyond belief!! and of course amazon delivered with good prices and quick delivery!!!!
KyungBlue Mound, IL