Diet Tea for Men and Women 2.18 oz 30 Tea Bags


Quick facts

  • Steep for five minutes and stir well before serving. Then sit back and relax! Great for Men & Women.
  • 3 Ballerina Strengt Herbal Dietary Supplement in 2.18oz (60g) box. Contains 2g x30 teabag/box. 3 Ballerina Dietary Supplement tea is special formula Diet herb tea made of all natural herbs, soothing and relaxing especially delightful for those desiring to adjust weight.
  • Simply drink one cup of 3 Balerina Dieter Drinks twice a day 15 minutes after meals. Use one or two tea bags per cup. Larger quantities and darker color of the tea denotes greater relative strength. Use boiling hot water for maximum results.
  • Lose Weight – Ballerina tea is considered as a great herbal solution for weight loss and the tea diet was prescribed for many. Drinking this natural medicine, which also contained Senna was considered as a great solution for fat loss.
  • Product of USA.

Top reviews

Treat this product with respect!

This “dieting” teas may sounds pretty benign since it’s a “tea”, but I strongly suggest you treat Ballerina tea as though it was the strongest laxatives you’ll ever use. Don’t plan on being to far away from a restroom after you first take this product. And don’t plan any long drives until you’re aware of how this will impact you.

These product is call “Ballerina” tea cause a Ballerina would use this to crap their way back down in weight. And that’s exactly what it does, and it does it well. I use this when I feel my overlying illness is impacting my regularity. Drink a cup in the early afternoon and you’ll be back to regularity with overdrive by the time the day is out. Drink a small cup on a regular basis and you should be “cleaned out” in a matter of days…and you’ll have an extra benefit of walking, cheeks tucked in and clinched, while trying to make it to the bathroom

RocioSargent, GA

Bad News!

This is coming from a real woman, and real matters. It’s 5:31am and I am writing this. I had literally had diarrhea all night. Though none of you, need to know this. BUT, this is warning. This Tea has senna in it, a laxative. You will be getting the worst cramps, and diarrhea of your life! I have used it for two days, and feel horrible. I recommend regular herbal tea guys! I’m being totally honest, I am NOT using this product again. It doesn’t even prove to help in weight loss. And the side effects are killer, and totally not worth it. Believe me, I wanted the easy way out, drink tea, and maybe cut back my diet. BUT, this tea is not what I intended. I wish not to spend another night on the toilet, practically keeling over.
RafaelaSkipwith, VA

Diet Tea

I drank a cup of the Ballerina tea each evening. The taste was good, however, I did not notice any weight loss at all.
ZinaQuincy, IN


I used to buy this tea to an African store for $3 dollars and I drank it once a week but there came a time that d pain was just unbearable.The cramps felt like an abortion when wrong.Willing to give it another try.
JaimeePlummer, ID

Kills hunger. Yet not fatigue

I like the tea coz it makes my skin glow. Cuts down my hunger. Gives me a kick when I fall alseep during my night shift work hours. It works slowly but its good. Initially, as mentioned I got lot of bowel movements but now its all good and worth it. I am going to continue drinking it.
BrettHahnville, LA

great product

Great product and very fast shipping! I take it at night time before I go to bed (usually every other day) and it works amazing.. In the morning you are ready to go to the bathroom and you dont feel so ‘bloated’ and full!
SeanBuffalo Prairie, IL


I drink this tea every night, made with 12 ounces of water and a little Stevia (NOW brand is great), and it tastes fantastic. My digestion is pretty reluctant, and this tea corrects the problem so I don’t have to buy expensive fiber drinks.
TheressaWhitmore Lake, MI

Best Senna Tea I’ve Used Yet

I’ve tried a lot of senna teas. I have kind of a bad digestive system, and tend to get bloated or even constipated a lot.

However I either a.)gag to death over most senna teas, or b.) get sick from them.

However this was perfect :] strong enough to do what it is supposed to, but not strong enough to make me ill.

Also out of all the senna teas I’ve tried this one is the MOST TOLERABLE. And I HATE the taste of senna but I didn’t even gag on this. All of the “Smooth Move” senna teas make me want to vomit drinking them.

I’ve been taking this every 3 to 4 days and it is great. Idk if it’s really a “diet” tea without it being overused as a laxative but it probably definitely could make you lose some weight from flushing you out more efficiently.

In short, this tea has made me feel muchhhh more comfortable and better about myself in general. Feels much nicer going out NOT feeling bloated and gross, am I right?

SigridAlva, FL

Very useful

This tea is very useful for me. It helps my digestion process be regular. Only one notice- if you have a normal stool,don’t use it because you’ll have some troubles and pains. I think,it doesn’t work as a way to lose your weight. As for me, who has a normal weight, it works as a helper for my digestive system. Anyway, it’s the best way for me to be healthy. Thanks a lot!
P.S. Its delivery was very, very fast.
BrittaneyLattimore, NC

It is pretty good.

Well I started drinking this tea a couple of years ago, but had to stop when the local Asian market stopped carrying it. I had forgotten the name of it until it just recently popped into my head and decided to look it up on amazon. Here it is! I loved this tea. 🙂 BE WARNED!!!! The first 1-3 days, you will need to be near a restroom. The “cleansing” effect will have you running for the hills, but wears off after continued use. Pros: It tastes good, It helped me fall asleep faster, made me feel better during the day(less bloated), and overall nicely priced. Cons: Well obviously the first couple of days. Once you start, it is not meant for an “on again-off again” kind of thing, and as for the “diet”, well nothing is going to be a miracle. You have to exercise and lower your food intake. Plain and simple.
AshleeOlaton, KY

Excellent for dieters or to keep yourself in line

I’ve been taking this tea for months now and besides being an enjoyable flavor, it is a great product. It works to keep you regular and consistent.
KeeleyHopewell, PA

awesome tea

This is the cheapest way to help keep your system regular. I drink one cup each night before going to sleep. For only pennies a cup, I have ordered enough for six months.
MarhtaOhio, IL

Works great

This product works well. You do not have to sit near the bathroom. I drink it at night and in the morning I use the bathroom.
TristaOrcas, WA

Best Kept Secret – this tea is AWESOME!

I had unbearable cramps and diarhea the first time I drank it … ended up that one tea bag was waaaay to much for me, so now, I brew a whole cup of this tea, and a whole cup of camomile (but you can use any other type too), then I take only HALF of cup of THIS tea and mix it with a full cup of the camomile … works like a charm – no diarheea, no cramps, just does what it’s supposed to in 6 hours! Its true this tea is very potent, so a full dose may be too much for some like me. Just play around with it and find your sweet spot. From time to time, I take meds that bind me up terribly and this tea has been a life saver, nothing works like it!
SheilaStone, KY

I prefer the extra strength version

This is a good tea but I have been using it for a few years now so I guess my stomach is a bit used to it. I find that the Extra Strength version of this tea works best for me (I use 2 bags) if i need a really good cleaning. If I take it at night it usually kicks in 12 hrs later (around noon or so) and keeps me running to the bathroom until about 5pm. I guess the regular strength is good for mild constipation, it wont have the extreme cleaning effect like extra strength but that’s just my experience, it may work differently for others. Great Brand, will buy again but next time will look for the Extra Strength. I use this tea about 1-2x a week. This tea can give you cramps when ur ready to go but it was not nearly as bad as other teas or laxatives I have taken in the past. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good cleaning or anyone who suffers from constipation.
LatiaAguirre, PR

It’s Okay!

I drink this at night b4 bed. I think its Okay…
I like The Smooth move tea better and its available at my local Target Store.
MarylynnWarrington, PA

Fast Shipping – lousy teabags

Shipping was fast, good service from seller.
The teabags however are open, so most of the tea is not in the bag. Technically I received loose tea. Luckily I have a tea brewer from Teavana and I can brew the tea, but you can’t take it with you.
ElvinaEssex Fells, NJ

Let’s talk poo

Really good tea; great for dieters, detoxing and when constipated (talk about cleaning from the inside out). Doesn’t give you a tummy ache or anything like that but you will be surprised. Taste is okay, I add a bit of honey and it’s perfect. Shipped fast too. Overall really good product. Great for instant 5-10 lbs of weight lose for that party dress you have to fit into in a few days notice.
MaryannaMedway, OH