Dill Weed Tin

This Israeli herb is great with salads, seafood, poultry and Eastern European cuisine.

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Weed indeed

This herb is great with salads, seafood, poultry. My Favorite dishes using Dill Weed: Dilled Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Baked Salmon and maybe a dash on some hard boiled eggs.

Background: This is an aromatic herb that is grown all over the world. It’s often used as a cooking spice. In Greece, people once placed dill over their eyes to help them fall asleep. Ancient documents from Egypt call for dill to be used as a pain reliever.

Dill is mainly used in pickling, dill pickles, dill dip mix have become a North American classic and in Europe Sauerkraut and dill vinegars have been popular for centuries. It is especially popular in Russia and Scandinavia, where it is used in courts-bouillons and sauces for fish, pickled salmon, casseroles and soups.

Bottom line price was good, flavor was mild not as strong as I expected. The tin works for short term storage easy for me to open. I will try other brands of Dill weed to have something to compare against this brand. This product has better value than what is offered in local markets. There is a good chance I will purchase this product again; it arrived quickly and filled the need for my Dill weed.

SooBishopville, SC