Dilmah Decaffeinated Tea, 1.76-Ounce Boxes

Using the best available natural process aids, this tea has been gently decaffeinated, whilst retaining the unique natural composition of fresh tea leaves that impart the quality characteristics in good tea.

Quick facts

  • Decaffinated tea
  • Foil wrapped bags
  • Sold in 90 countries around the world.

Top reviews

Decaf delicious!

tried this tea in Ireland and it was very smooth with no after taste – came home and placed an order!!
RosauraRoanoke, IN


It’s OK. Like many decaf teas, has a somewhat fishy odor. It’s certainly not as prominent as pu-erh; there’s a faint floral hint but the brew is weak, not the bright vibrant tones that you would expect a Ceylon tea to have (the box says “imported” so the tea probably not indigenous to Sri Lanka). The best phrase I can use to describe it is “insipid”. There are many better black teas out there.
MeganHomeworth, OH