Dilmah Exotic Collection, Peach Flavored Tea, 25-Count Individually Foil Wrapped Teabags

Known for its gentle taste, Peach is second only to Lemon in its popularity as an iced tea. This elegant fruit flavour is delightful taken cold, but also wonderfully relaxing as a hot beverage after a meal or in the afternoon. ABOUT THE BRAND Some years ago, Americans drank mainly Ceylon Tea, the world’s finest. Today, almost any brand you buy is a multi-origin blend that is a mix of teas from several countries. Dilmah, new to the U.S, is the number one brand of authentic, garden fresh Single Origin Ceylon tea in over 95 countries. Dilmah is Single Origin, 100% Pure Ceylon, entirely grown, handpicked & packaged in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), producer of the world’s finest tea. Single Origin explains why Dilmah is fresher, richer & full of flavour. Founder Merrill J. Fernando is the most senior master tea taster today and his face appears on every pack of Dilmah tea, as his personal guarantee of the quality & freshness of Dilmah. Dilmah is Traditionally Manufactured. Ordinary teas have abandoned the centuries old “orthodox” method of manufacture for the fast track “CTC” (cut twist curl) process, to meet demand for a quicker brew from tea bags. This has sacrificed the character & real taste of tea. Dilmah stands firmly by traditional tea making methods, which explains why Dilmah tea tastes so different. Dilmah is the worlds first truly ethical tea. It is the only international brand name owned by tea growers. We pack our tea shelf ready, right where it is grown. Earnings therefore remain in Sri Lanka for the benefit of our workers. Visit www.mjffoundation.org and www.Dilmahtea.com to learn more.

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A Tea for the perfect moment to Unwind & Chill

First of all I know this Peach Ceylon Tea from Dilmah for a couple of years right now! And I hafta say this Tea is masterpiece of of composition only those guys from Teavana can surpass.
At one cold evening day coming back fresh from a walk through the Woods, you need something to warm you up with the fresh Aroma of Peaches. As you poor water into the teaglass you experience the rising Smell and Aroma of this Tea creation and you see slowly the Peach & Ceylon taste particles came outside the pouch!
You drink it Hot
You can drink this Tea hot
Or leave it half a day till it’s cold poor sugar and Ice into it, Et Viola you got yourself an Icecold Peache Iced Tea!,,,

Your’s Cale Oosha!

GaryClines Corners, NM

Fantastic Tea

Far better than any tea I’ve ever head. And that goes for all the Dilmah teas as I purchased 4 kinds.
KatharinePhillips, WI