Dilmah Premium 100% Pure Ceylon Tea, 50-Count Tea Bags

Finely balanced richness, flavour, strength & aroma for the perfect tea. Tea perfect for everyday drinking from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, reputed for its brightness & medium strength. ABOUT THE BRAND Some years ago, Americans drank mainly Ceylon Tea, the world’s finest. Today, almost any brand you buy is a multi-origin blend that is a mix of teas from several countries. Dilmah, new to the U.S, is the number one brand of authentic, garden fresh Single Origin Ceylon tea in over 90 countries. Dilmah is Single Origin, 100% Pure Ceylon, entirely grown, handpicked & packaged in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), producer of the world’s finest tea. Single Origin explains why Dilmah is fresher, richer & full of flavour. Discerning tea drinkers will recognise the distinct difference in the very first sip. Dilmah is Packed at Source, Garden Fresh. Packaging in Sri Lanka, within days of picking fresh leaf in the tea fields, maximizes freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea. Founder Merrill J. Fernando is the most senior master tea taster today and his face appears on every pack of Dilmah tea, as his personal guarantee of the quality & freshness of Dilmah. Merrill & his two sons Dilhan & Malik (from whose names the brand name was coined) offer aficionados a truly different experience of tea. Dilmah is Traditionally Manufactured. Ordinary teas have abandoned the centuries’ old “orthodox” method of manufacture for the fast track “CTC” (cut twist curl) process, to meet demand for a quicker brew from tea bags. This has sacrificed the character & real taste of tea. Dilmah stands firmly by traditional tea making methods, which explains why Dilmah tea tastes so different. Dilmah is the world’s first truly ethical tea. It is the only international brand name owned by tea growers. We pack our tea shelf ready, right where it is grown. Earnings therefore remain in Sri Lanka for the benefit of our workers. Visit www.mjffoundation.org and Dilmah.com to learn more.

Quick facts

  • Case of 6 boxes, each box containing 50 double chambered, string & tag tea bags, 300 tea bags in all
  • Single Origin Tea (not a mix of tea from several origins)
  • Pure Ceylon Tea, Packed at Source in Sri Lanka. Garden Fresh
  • Traditional Orthodox Manufacture
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Weak cup of tea

I’m sorry, I simply do not see what the hype is about. I’ve been a tea drinker for decades, always in pursuit of a full, deep and well-balanced cup of tea, for breakfast or mid-day; especially, for convenience, in bag form. This particular brew I would rate just one notch (barely) above standard Lipton or Tetley tea bags. For a large cup of tea, at least two bags are needed to impart even the slightest hint of depth. It smells interesting enough in the box, but there simply is no depth here. Perhaps I have been spoiled by costlier loose teas over the years, and from some authentic Sri Lankan tea bags given to me by a close Sri Lankan friend. I will not go out of my way to purchase this particular tea again.

Am I missing something??

RenitaFairfield, AL


Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) tea is the best tea in the world! If you can’t get the pure, unlabelled tea leaves, plucked off the cool hills of up country Sri Lanka, this the next best thing. I usually get my tea directly from SL but when I run out I have to fall back on Dilmah…and having moved here from Australia (where the tea is widely available), I’m very happy that Dilmah is finally available in the US.

Update – March 18th, 2010
I’ve been drinking Dilmah Premium for a long time now and love it but lately wanted to widen my horizon; With that in mind, I tried the Dilmah Supreme and Dilmah English Breakfast. Dilmah Supreme rated an average on my scale but ah, the English Breakfast! If you wish to have an extra special cup of tea, bold and rich in flavour with subtle nuances, then the English Breakfast is definitely your cup of tea! While more expensive than the Dilmah Premium, it is well worth the price! Enjoy…:)

JackelineOkolona, MS

One of the best, pure tea

I grew up in Sri Lanka and had the opportunity to enjoy different types of tea. Since I moved a while ago I have had this shipped to me from Sri Lanka and I’ve enjoyed every cup. I go through about 3-4 cups every day and I can’t say anything bad about them. I know I can’t expect the perfect cup of tea that I used to have in Sri Lanka but this brings back memories.
If you like pure tea with no additives this is the one for you. I hate those “flavored” tea sold at stores but this always puts a smile on my face.
RetaHanston, KS

The best black tea

I am from New Zealand living in the USA and have been getting this sent over as I have not found any other black tea that is this tasty. It is nicely balanced and perfect black or with some milk. Love it!!!! So happy I can finally purchase it from within the USA and not spend so much money having it sent over from New Zealand.
LoretaLunenburg, VT

tea time

I was first introduced to this wonderful tea while in New Zealand. I enjoyed it so much that when I ran out, tea time wasn’t so good anymore. After drinking Dilmah tea, my taste buds couldn’t go back to the tea I once dranked. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that Dilmah Tea was being sold on Amazon.com. Now I can enjoy my tea, knowing that I don’t have to worry about running out.
RebaPortage, UT


I am a tea drinker and generally do not try new stuff and have stuck with the old lipton for years. But then a friend recommended the Dilmah range and specially their premium tea.

I tried it and am hooked. Its so refreshing i could not believe it. Now my morning starts with a nicely brewed cup of Dilmah premium tea. Its just too good to leave now.

I strongly recommend this tea.

Go have a sip…


ShaunaWillow Springs, MO

Difference you can taste

I had a friend from Sri Lanka who brought some of this tea into the office. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of this tea, and am glad it is available online. I have not seen it locally in any of the specialty stores.
WilfordNewport, ME

The best tea on Planet Earth!

I’m from Singapore and have been drinking tea all my life. I’ve been drinking Dilmah for many, many years (in Singapore) and when I migrated to USA, I was lost without Dilmah. I wrote several emails to the President of Dilmah in Sri Lanka, asking them to sell their tea in USA. I paid expensive postage/handling, to get the tea shipped to me, directly from Sri Lanka.

I was the happiest person on Planet Earth when they told me that Dilmah was available (online) in USA. I did request for a 100piece teabag packagings instead of 50pcs…..I guess….they may not have that kind of demand here in USA. I hope that they will consider sending 100pc per package..as it will be more cost saving, for customers like me.

KacieWapakoneta, OH

Even good in bags!

I’ve always thought Dilmah was superb loose, but I ordered bags this time to distribute to my family, who aren’t willing to cope with loose tea (can’t spare the extra 30 seconds, I suppose). These bags don’t have any noticeable effect upon the flavour and are quite convenient.

Wonderful, reasonably priced tea! Also, read the company founder’s insert, now in slightly less bizarre English, for an enjoyable rant on ethical teas.

LyndonEscanaba, MI

Excellent Tea

My husband started drinking this tea when we lived in New Zealand. He says it is the best tea ever, and he drinks a lot of hot tea in the winter and ice tea in the summer so that is saying something. He also enjoys the letters the owner writes about his family. When he started drinking Dilmah Tea the boys were fairly young and now I think they are out of university and running the family business. Anyway it is great tea.
PaulinaBay Village, OH

Best everyday tea

I’m an Australian living in the US and am so happy I can buy this tea. Proper tea at a reasonable price is hard to get here, so I buy boxes of Dilmah from Amazon. It is a very good rich strong everyday tea. I’ve also converted several ex-pat and US friends to Dilmah since I’ve been here.
JanineGirdler, KY

World’s Best Tea

My husband and I returned from Africa where we were introduced to Dilmah Premiun Ceylon. We have been tea drinkers for many years, but had never enjoyed our morning cup of tea like we did there. On our third day in Cape Town the hotel resteraunt ran out of their supply and we were given another brand of tea…which we didn’t even finish. Instead we went to a local grocery store and purchased these tea bags for our use. We will not drink other kind of tea ever again. I am so relieved to find in available through Amazon. Please do consider bringing us the 100 count tea bag packages that we found in Africa.
ElvisLa Feria, TX

dilmah tea

I used to have to purchase my Dilmah Tea direct from Ceylon, and I’m happy to be able to (finally) get it here; it’s the greatest!
LasandraBeallsville, OH


Perfect taste and aroma. As soon as I opened my first box of Dilmah Tea I knew it was going to be good. After years of becoming more and more dissatisfied with other brands, I knew there had to be better tea out there, somewhere. This tea has the bold and distinctive taste I have longed for since visiting Europe years ago. These so called herbal teas and blended teas on the market smell good but the taste is certainly a dissappointment. I drink both hot and iced tea and Dilmah certainly has provided excellant taste either way. I am definitely pleased with Dilmah as well as Amazon for processing and shipping the order quickly.
HaWest Hickory, PA

Great Ceylon Tea

When my husband moved to the states from London, he had a hard time finding a good Ceylon tea. He would get Luaka in the specialty shops there and we couldn’t find any place to order it online without spending a FORTUNE on shipping. This tea is very similar in taste to the Luaka and the best Ceylon tea we’ve been able to find easily in the states. Thank you Amazon!
LauraKinde, MI

Dilmah Premium Tea

I was introduced to this tea in New Zealand and it is by far my favorite black tea. It arrives well packed and speedily. It is a tea lovers tea–we use no other now.
MagaretNesconset, NY

All-time favorite!

I began drinking black tea when I lived in New Zealand. Dilmah quickly became my favorite, but when I returned to the US I couldn’t find it much to my dismay. I tried every black tea on the market, but nothing compared to “my Dilmah”. My mother-in-law heard of this and began sending it to me for Christmas. One year however, the package came from Amazon. Funny, she’s hasn’t sent anymore…but that’s okay, because I’ve been buying at Amazon ever since (I think that was the point). LOL
KarenMackinac Island, MI

The Best Black Tea!

I first had this tea in a restaurant and was so impressed with the aroma and flavor it had. I did not pay attention to which brand it was at that time but ended up going back to ask the owner where he got it from. It has been my favorite tea since then. Like another reviewer said, this tea does not get over-brewed easily and so it does not become bitter as some other brands. I also like their Earl Grey very much. I used to purchase it from Taiwan whenever I go back for vacations, but it’s great that you can get it from Amazon now!
ElisaLaurel, MS

Very good tea

Very good tea. Good value for money. If you like blak tea you should definitely try this out. From a lifelong tea drinker.
OpheliaScranton, ND

I am thrilled amazon sells it!

I am from new Zealand and they have this tea in all the grocery stores over there, I loved it when lived thee and missed it when I moved to the USA. I ran out of my stash from my last trip home and was bummed. I was thrilled when I took a chance and looked to see if amazon selled it and they do! I love the taste, it is better than any tea we have in the USA and they other thing I love is that they are not individually wrapped which is not wasting paper and extra packaging. They do not have strings and that may bother some, but I like it better as you can compost them or put them right down the waste disposal.

Def give this tea a try if you are a tea drinker, it’s the best!

WinonaToler, KY

Excellent Tea

If you are a tea drinker taste this one you will drink no other after.
I have tried them all but this is the only one I drink now.
FairyStanley, KY

Love Dilmah Tea

This is a wonderful tea that I fell in love with in New Zealand. 2 years later I am still getting it shipped to me and this is a great price and quick shipping.
DenverPine Ridge, KY

Before you even drink it – fabulous

As a lover of niche fragrances, I’ve been heady with the enjoyment of tea notes that have presented themselves in perfumes in the last several years. Very view perfumers get that tea note just right, but conversely, few teas have so memorable a scent as to be worthy of wearing. Dilmah Premium is one tea worthy of many forms of appreciation.

Your Dilmah tea drinking experience starts with the first inhalation – once the tea bag is free from the packaging, just take a moment to close your eyes and inhale. The depth, the brightness, the hint of floral (remember, these leaves are the close cousin of the camellia and azalea afterall) – absolutely heady, rich and almost overwhelming.

The actual brewing must be brief, tho the yeild is strong and plentiful. Warm, the flavor truly invites you to sink in to the cup, yet silmultaneously fortifies and strenthens the reslove to get up and do that which must be done. I don’t often consume iced tea, but my husband says that this makes a tasty cold beverage as well.

Would that I could, this would be my scent to wear, not only my beverage to drink. Fantastic aroma, flavor, all made that much sweeter by knowing that it’s fairly and ethically grown and sold.

CordieBoulder Creek, CA