Dilmah Tea, Breakfast Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.4-Ounce Tins

Dilmah is packed at Source, garden fresh. Its packaging is done in Sri Lanka, within days of picking fresh leaf in the tea fields, maximizing freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea. Founder Merrill J. Fernando is the most senior master tea taster today and his face appears on every pack of Dilmah tea, as his personal guarantee of the quality & freshness of Dilmah. Dilmah is traditionally manufactured.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 3 (total 13 oz)
  • Tin caddy has an inner lid for a freshness seal
  • Single Origin Tea (not a mix of tea from several origins)
  • Pure Ceylon Tea, Packed at Source in Sri Lanka. Garden Fresh
  • Traditional Orthodox Manufacture

Top reviews

It’s just another black tea

and not worth the premium price. I had seen this tea before and when Amazon offer the $10 off I decided to try the Yata Watte & the Breakfast teas.

I give this pretty much the same review I gave the Yata – in fact I have trouble telling them apart in a blind taste test. About the only difference is this is ground finer.

Twinings Ceylon has a distinctive – as they call it – “bright” flavor, but I can’t detect any taste that comes close here. This tea isn’t that different than from PG tips, Yorkshire gold or any decent quality black tea.

Second issue is the packaging, if you go to the Dilmah web site you see the owner patting himself on the back, for what a good guy he is, how he runs his plantations. He should try producing a little less waste for us consumers to throw away. First a shrink wrap holding the 3 cans together, then each can is shrink wrapped, an outer lid, an inner lid. The yata is in a foil & plastic bag and the breakfast tea has plastic handle on the inner lid. Not only does it gripe the conscientious consumer in me to see so much waste, but it is adding 2-3 dollars for something that may get second use or second best goes to recycling.
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StarlaSumava Resorts, IN

fine tea, but not whole leaf

I had never heard of this tea until finding it here while scanning for something different. Different from the PG Tips I’ve been using. I prefer loose leaf but PGTips are pyramid bags.

So I searched and found the Dilmah web site. All the tea is from the same estates. Not blended, they say.

One disappointment is that this is broken tea rather than whole leaves. What do they do with the whole leaf? It is ‘loose’, but not ‘loose leaf’. The quality of the taste is certainly not impaired. Far better than PG Tips. More expensive as well.

AleneWinfield, KS

Robust Ceylon Tea

Not sure why I am reading the reviews I am reading, as no where in the description it states that it is a whole leaf tea. The tea leaves are small as to make a very robust and strong tea with a character. Whole leaf teas usually produce a fine and mellow teas and are not that robust. We had tried this tea from another seller when Amazon was out of stock and found it to be of very high quality. If you like a Pure black Ceylon tea of very quality, then you have to try Dilmah English Breakfast tea. It comes sealed in a beautiful container with a inner lid for keeping the moisture out and making a perfect brew.
SteffanieArcadia, OH

what leaf?

whoever wrote in the title “loose leaf” did not look inside, because inside there is this powder that goes through everything and stays between your teeth, the taste is so so but you need to use a coffee filter to brew the tea to enjoy it, I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone.
ShanellBricelyn, MN