Dingo Goof Balls

Dingo, 15 Pack, Small, Goof Ball, Premium Hand Tied Rawhide Bone With The Irresistible Combination Of Real Chicken Breast Jerky Wrapped In The Highest Quality Rawhide, Helps Promote Healthy Teeth By Preventing Tartar Build Up, Value Bag.

Quick facts

  • Real Chicken wrapped in white rawhide
  • Irresistable chew that’s fun and tasty
  • 1.5 inches
  • 15 pack value bag
  • 1.5 inches.
  • Tasty chicken jerky wrapped in rawhide
  • Irresistible chew that’s fun and tasty
  • Treat, toy, and chew

Top reviews


This product was purchased from a vendor who may have had this for a long time because the treats were stale and I will not purchase any more from this vendor. No good recommendation on this one.
KalaNorth Brookfield, MA

Chihuahua Heaven!

We have five dogs, 2 very young Chihuahuas, 2 old Pekingnese’s and a middle-aged Yorkie. One Chi. is under 3lbs, the rest 7-12lbs. The 3 pounder adores these-she eats the chicken part. The male Chi then takes over and chews the hide part and softens it up, at which time the old dogs take a turn. I’ve never gotten more use out of a dog chew! PERFECT FOR EVEN THE TINIEST DOG.
JohnnaDurham, MO

Dingo Goof Balls… My dog loves them!

These little, meat filled, dog chews are loved by my dogs. They like to eat the meat strip that’s weaved into the rawhide ball, then use the ball for a play toy. My mom’s dog however,eats the whole thing. We have been purchasing these for several years now. Good product.
AmmieHelotes, TX

Dingo Goof Balls Value bag

My little dachshunds really like these. They get the meaty part eaten right away so they don’t always work on the rawhide part. Good value tho and appropriate for smaller dogs.
CheryPullman, WA

Better then shopping all over town

I bought these at my favorite place to shop .. AMAZON.COM. They came lickity split and I got a bunch cause my Foxy Lily Pom just hates it when she can’t have her goof balls every single day. THANKS AMAZON and thanks AG INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY LLC.
MalikShushan, NY

Dingo’s are the deal!

Our little 10lb dog loves! these dingo treats. She worries them until she gets all the red chicken bits out and then gives the rest to our Labrador Retriever who treats them like a 5 minute bubble gum treat. Works out all around!
EtsukoOakhurst, OK

Your dog will go through them fast.

I like that I can stuff treats in the center of them, but my dog’s an enthusiastic chewer and she’s through with this in no time. I order them occasionally for a little variety.
TeriClear Lake, SD


The red part of the dingos was missing from 3 of the balls in one bag and two of them in the other. The others have not been opened yet and I found this very upsetting since this is the part the the puppies go for first. I don’t mind paying that price if it is as shown. The bag show no white only balls.
Theresa Miller
IldaCarbon, IN

Dingos Goof Balls

What a great product both my dogs love them, we have to order 10 bags every month because they go through them like crazy.
ThaddeusAttleboro Falls, MA

Makes Playful Memories

My dachshund, Luna, loves this treat. She is not normally one for playing with objects, but with this treat she acts like a goofy puppy. I would recommend this treat for anyone with a small dog.
RefugiaCarlyle, IL


I have two yorkies 1 yr old and a 3 year old they can not grasp the concept of fetching any type of ball so thats upsetting and everytime i buy them dingo bones its liek world world 3 in the house and when the wars over i find bones buried in all the furniture and they guard it. with these they know they are treats and they play with them and eat them and its just quiet in the house and all is right in the world. MY only bad thing is i wish the small version came in bulk!
ParisNiotaze, KS

Fast & Reliable

My dog loves these rawhide balls. This seller ships very quickly and is very reliable. They are first rate! I would highly recommend them as someone to order from.
JenevaMoselle, MS

Chihuhua Chew

As always great product. I have a 11yr old Chihuahua that loves them. All of Dingo’s products have been top notch for me.
VeniceSaint Paul, MN

the same as everything

These are good treats, but I can not say that they are any better than any other. They are bassically the same as any average treat.
VasilikiDetroit, AL

My dog LOVES these

She plays with them a little, eats the meaty parts, and gets way more enjoyment than she ever does from just a normal rawhide. Less time for chewing, but more time for playing.
BernitaShasta Lake, CA

Chihuahua heaven is right!!

upon reading the reviews and the fact that my dog loves the regular dingo bones and the dingo twists, if figured id try these too. theyre great. my dog loves the red strip of “chicken”. lol idk about chicken being red but what ever, he loves it. keeps him busy and out of trouble. before he destroys the little ball i try and play with him rolling it around but he just gets it in his mouth and paws and goes to town. highly recommend this product. PS, Idk why, but theres a dingo dental mini bones…its the same as the other regular mini bones. those are also cool. I find those last the longest, so get those if you want these bad boys to last.
EusebiaIsland Park, ID

Great Treats for Teacups

Having a finicky four legged eater can be challenging when they are smaller than your average small breed. I have a teacup yorkie, who like most fur babies is spoiled rotten, but most products out on the market and readily available are too big for tiny bite, and those we do find tend to be discontinued by local stores. We use to give my dog the mini dingo bones, which she loved but really had to work for. The goof balls are better for her size and age, really easy to get to the chicken meat. these are great for older dogs or puppies.
EviaPutnamville, IN


This is my dog’s favorite treat. He doesn’t care for the Dingo bones. Dingo balls are hard to find in Hawaii, well, at the stores that I go to, so, it’s great that I can get them through Amazon.com. Delivery is very fast!
JeramyGilsum, NH

My dog loves them

My dog loves them but be careful if you have a small dog to watch them when they have the product as they are much smaller than I thought.
KevinGeyser, MT