Dingo Mini Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips, 12-Ounce

Chews made from premium chicken breast fillets

Quick facts

  • High in protein and with no artificial flavors or colors
  • The tastiest, healthiest alternative to processed dog treats
  • Fun, wavy shape is ideally sized for treating & training small dogs

Top reviews

Buy these if you want your dog to get sick and possibly die

My 14 year old dog got food poisoning from these treats. This Chicken jerky is made in china. She spent two days at the vet. Definitely buy these if you want to replace your carpet and spend hundreds of dollars to save your dog. Oh and clean up a lot of blood and diarrhea.
MargueriteRamona, OK

Great treat!!

Bought a small pkg at my pet store and my little dog just loves them. All natural chicken breast-no fillers or additives which is wonderful. Then found this super deal with Amazon. The price was amazing for 26-ounces. Dingo is a good product even tho they are made in China…wish they were U.S.A. made. The plant is in Ohio and they do have strict guidelines for their products.
MadalynElk Creek, VA

My dogs love them

This is a large bag (26 oz) of chicken jerky chews, so it’s hard to keep them fresh before they are all gone. But, my dogs love them so maybe this won’t be a problem? I heard that Dingo is going to discontinue making this type of jerky, so grab them while they are still available. 4 stars for hard to re-seal bag.
CheriWolf Creek, OR

Do Not Buy: Chinese Treats

Dogs loved them but then I found out they’re from China. Just do NOT buy ANY treats from CHINA. They’re killing our dogs, and this time the FDA can’t figure out which company is doing it. It’s only prudent to BOYCOTT ALL CHINESE DOG TREATS.
JerrellTecumseh, MI

Great Treat

My Poochin loves these things. They are a great treat so i bought this big bag. These seem a little drier than the ones I had before but he still loves them. I would have given them 5 stars if not for being drier than previous. Good deal for the size of bag. Good treat for dogs under 10 lbs. If it was a big dog I would be worried it would try and swallow these whole.
IdellGarden City, LA

Great treats!!!!!

Just discovered these the other day at Wallgreens and thet ROCK! My Puli dogs just love them. They are actually kinda buggin’ me right now as I type this cuz I just gave them each a Jerky Chewz and they want another. I gave a bag to a friend of mine for her two Collies and they can’t get enough of these chicken chewz. There are only 4 ingredients with the first one being Chicken breast meat. I have tasted the treats and they’re good! A bit pricey but aren’t our doggies worth it?
CamilleSikes, LA

Good, but habit forming for my dog

My dog loves these chips. Only thing they are high since he insists on having them a couple times a day. Wonder what the secret ingredient is. HOWEVER, he would not eat this batch. I called Dingo Co. to see if they had changed the formula, and they said no, and checked the bar code to find that these chips had been manufactured over two and a half years ago. THEY WERE STALE. They are high enough to begin with but to have to pitch them out or pay to return them (paid for initial shipping) is wrong. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE.
ClementinaMc Cordsville, IN