Dingo Rawhide Mini Bones

Dingo Mini 7 Pk (White 2.5 85G) 3-Ounce”

Quick facts

  • Irresistible combination of Real Meat wrapped with the highest quality natural rawhide
  • Great for small dogs, high in protein
  • Healthy fun chew to promote clean teeth and gums
  • 7 count pack
  • Premium pet snack with real chicken in the middle for a big taste
  • Real chicken breast jerky wrapped in high-quality rawhide
  • Ideal for small breeds
  • Helps promote healthy teeth
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Top reviews

raw hide

these are great.. my dog likes ! at first he didn’t like, but now he enjoys them. I recommend.
yum yum yum for little dogs
DrewWaterbury Center, VT

My Dog’s LOVE them.

My babies love these! I wouldn’t buy any other type of bones other than Dingo’s.
AlainaThawville, IL

Nasty Smell

Smells like it’s been dipped in chemicals. My dog loves them, but I can’t see how they can be healthy with that coating. They will dirty light-colored carpets.
ClaudiaWaterville Valley, NH

great little chewey dog bones

My dog is fussy about what she’ll spend her time gnawing on but she loves these dingo bones! I don’t feed her one every day, she’s little so it takes her several days to finish one.
MargFairview, WY

These things stink!

So my dog loves the regular dingo treats so I thought I’d try the beef variety. Got them and when I opened the bag, the smell hit me. My mother growing up was a smoker and the smell of these treats are exactly like an overfilled ash tray. So if you are put off by smoking or the smell of used cigarettes, then I can not recommend these to you. I can though however recommend the regular dingo treats. My dog goes nuts for the giant ones.
ConsuelaSan Francisco, CA

Not sure about rawhides for dogs

I have heard some negative things about raw hides for dogs and associated stomach problems if they eat too much. My miniature schnauzer never really took a liking to chewing on things for a long time so these are a good size and make me feel better that they limit how much she can eat. It just worries me a little bit how fast she eats them.
AnnabellCantrall, IL

Not good for smaller dogs, OK for larger dogs.

I was visiting my boyfriend’s parents house. They have a pomeranian/chi mix. I bought these little guys for him so that he could have an edible chew since it looked like he had very little toys, and has probably never had an edible chew.

I didn’t know that he was a hoarder. He was so afraid that my dog would steal his bone (which my dog was chewing on one too), that he tried to swallow the whole thing. Resulting in him choking, and gagging spitting up blood.

I thought I had killed their dog!! VERY scary.
If your dog is food agressive, please do not buy these for your dog especially if you have more than one dog in the household.

On the Up side of things, my collie/hound mix loves them and gobbled them down in about 3 minutes. I would not typically buy this size treat for her (but these were not for her at the time of buying).

EndaKeller, TX

Cockapoo’s need 2 a day

Heavens forbid I run out of these meaty dingo treats – my dog would leave. Dingo’s are the only chew treats he eats. I haven’t had any, so I’ll post his preference and appreciation of these.
ErnestinaWhitestone, NY

dog bones

Pooch LOVES these bones!!!! The box was delivered to the house and she immediately started pawing at the package. They are the perfect size for a small dog to enjoy.
MaudeOrient, ME

Doggy favorite!

I purchased these for our, out-of-state, daughter’s adult Shih-Tzu, to tuck in with a “family goody box.” She said that “Bailey” started sniffing the treat package before she could open it and that he most thoroughly enjoyed every one of them!
MichellKnox, PA


Arrived quickly, packaged great but was disappointed in the merchandise. The dingo bones were quite old and stale, but I guess I should have known for the price.
MazieClements, MD

My Dachshunds can’t live without these!!!

We have two miniature dachshunds who just love these. Every morning they
get one and are so excited! I think that keeping them chewing these
prevents them from chewing things they shouldn’t! They are wonderful, the dogs and the treats!!
DakotaPost, OR

My Dog’s Favorite!

My dog’s a chewer and these are his favorite chew snacks. He loves the little bit of meat wrapped in the center and it keeps him entertained for a good hour as he nibbles away.
NilaFranklin, IL

My Chihuahua LOVES these!

My Chihuahua loves these!
They are the perfect size!
These keep her busy for hours and hours on end!
She loves to get to the middle!
AzzieMontebello, VA