Dingo Rawhide Mini Bones

Dingo Bones offer your pet an irresistible combination of premium rawhide and Real Meat in the Middle. The fun, healthy chews are high in protein and are preferred by 9 out of 10 dogs as compared to standard rawhide chews.

Quick facts

  • Made with Real Meat wrapped in white rawhide
  • Big taste dogs love
  • Perfect for small dogs
  • The original meat in the middle chew.
  • Premium hand-tied rawhide bones with the irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality rawhide.
  • Helps promote healthy teeth by preventing tartar build-up.

Top reviews

Dingo Bone Products

We have an aussie-german shepherd mix and he does NOT tolerate this product at all. He loved it, but it gave him a very bad case of diarrhea and he needed medical treatment several days after eating the

“dingo” brand product. I don’t recommend this product or any “Dingo” product to anyone who has a dog with a senstive stomach AND it should state this on the label.

AriannaHarris, MI

Dogs Love Dingos

I have yet to encouter a dog that doesn’t enjoy Dingos. From the youngest puppy to the oldest senior, they all have loved the various Dingo bones and treat.

The biggest challenge is buying a size big enough to prevent the dog from eating it rather than chewing it. This is not true of all dogs, but if the dog has food or treat issues it can be a consideration. They really lovethese treats and seem to not want to be patient or risk not getting the entire bone. And most of the dogs I have given these to also tend to want to chew them from start to finish, so I do have to take the treat away from a dog occasionally.

There are Dingo imitators out there that cost less, but I have yet to find one that is of similar quality. I have tried a couple and will continue to sample others, but so far there is not a generic Dingo equivalent.

VeroniqueHobart, OK

I’d Give it 10 Stars if I Could

These are the best bones around …it’s a two in one treat!! The bone for chewing and the meaty middle for the flavor!! They are our dog’s favorites. Since Sam’s Club no longer sells them by the bag, we just spent about $400.00 to buy them individually online. Worth every penny and our dogs deserve the best. There have never been any digestive or intestinal problems of any kind. I cannot say enough great things about these bones!!!
YoshieLincoln, IA

Dingo says it all

I have two dogs and they both love dingo. At the time i was looking for the best price and it was here since then i have found it other places cheaper but as my large dog it last about thirty minutes where my smaller dog gets a good hour out of it.
HangCooks, MI

Happy dog

My dog loves these bones. She isn’t interested in pure rawhide anymore, but somehow the red flavored whatever wrapped in this bone makes her happy. Dog drugs? 🙂
NapoleonOssian, IN

Dog loves them, chews on the little pieces for weeks!

I used to order the small ones for my chihuahua, but now she can demolish those in a day. This medium sized one lasts her longer and she ends up chewing on the little pieces she has left over for weeks. I imagine they must taste good because she sure does go at them!
LangLe Sueur, MN

Woof woof!

I’m letting my dog review this one-“woof woof!! Crunch crunch!! Grrrrrrrr get away cat! Woof! Crunch crunch!”

Soooooo…….I am going to interpet that to mean the bone is yummy and her favorite treat!

GeralynDesha, AR

The Dogs Love ’em !

All my dogs love these bones. They won’t touch regular rawhide.I have three small dogs and I get these big dingo bones because only the largest one (a cockapoo) can actually make any noticeable headway in chewing them. So she starts them and the other two finish them over the course of a few weeks. This way, they are not so pricey and they are large enough that the choking concern is diminished. But because of other reviews, I still am in the room when they are chewing them.
PearleneHarveys Lake, PA


My dogs absolutely LOVE Dingos…. In fact, they will no
longer touch other Cheweezs..
GenaroBlacksburg, SC