Dirty Martini Dip, 11.5 oz

A dirty martini like you’ve never experienced before. A tasty blend of cream cheese and green olives, accented with onions jalapeno peppers and garlic. Zip up your deviled eggs with this delicious dip.

Quick facts

  • Enjoy our cocktail inspired dip at your next gathering. Green olives, jalapeno peppers and garlic accent this creamy dip.
  • Zip up your crudites platter with this tasty dip, or try spreading on your favorite grilled chicken panini.
  • Gluten Free, Kosher

Top reviews

As always with Rothschild very good

Bought as a Christmas gift fro my brother. He managed to share and it was very good stuff. Recommened for anybody that likes Rothschild dips even if your not into martinis.
DarleneGuys Mills, PA