Dixie Carb Counters Blueberry Cream Muffin Mix

Dixie Diner’s all new muffin mixes are a true treat. Naturally low in carbohydrates with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Real blueberries make for a delicious blueberry muffin without unnecessary carbohydrates.A delicious muffin mix is great to have on hand for a quick, warm addition to breakfast or anytime. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1 Muffin (13.5g dry mix), Servings per container 12, Calories 31, Calories from Fat 2, Total Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 179mg, Total Carbohydrate 7g*, Dietary fiber 3g*, Sugars 2g, Protein 2g. *Net carbs as listed by the manufacturer on the package = 4g per serving.

Quick facts

  • Low Carb
  • No Sugar Added
  • ALL Natural
  • No artificial ingredients, no preservatives
  • 4 Net Carbs Per Serving

Top reviews

Decent low-carb option

All in all the blueberry muffins were good. They are not super-sweet like many store or cafe bought muffins, but they were still yummy. The texture is soft and fluffy, not cardboard. It was nice to have these as a low-carb treat.

The only negative is that the package only makes 11-12 small muffins at 4 carbs each (1 muffin is a serving). I used the standard cupcake sized silicon baking cups and only got 11 with none of them baking any higher than the top of the cups. One won’t fill you up enough to have as breakfast by itself, but they make a great snack in the afternoon or paired with some berries for desert.

MandieWhite Owl, SD

Taste Great

The muffins taste great, the only reason they received 3 instead of 5 stars is they are a bit pricey. However if you are craving some low-carb muffins these are a great choice!
AdelinaSheep Springs, NM

The muffins were a pleasant low carb treat

As the subject said the muffins were a pleasant low carb treat. I would by them again.
ZacheryFactoryville, PA

A disappointment in taste

I made the fat-free version of these muffins according to the directions on the package. The batter tasted good and they baked up really nicely. However, they have a very strange texture and a weird chemical aftertaste. I only ended up eating 2/12 and felt guilty even trying to give the rest away to a bunch of 20-year old college guys. Sadly, I can’t recommend them. I generally love low cal subs, but this one sadly doesn’t cut it.
MillyRichmond, MI


Cardboard with bits of berry flavored chunks. Nasty, chemical-ridden cardboard at that. It is just gross and should be avoided.
LoreenDakota, MN

jeff’s review

It is nice to have something to take the edge off this product will do that. thanks.
PenelopeOld Fields, WV

Tasty, not bad at all….

If you could get over the weird, ugly color, these weren’t half bad. As a matter of fact they were kind of delicious.
Definitely recommend for low carb counters.
LashaundaWilliamstown, WV