Dogmatic BountyBites Fish Sticks Mackerel, 2.2 Ounces

FishSticks. moist real fish snack: real mackerel…Bounty Bites Fish Sticks ultra premium moist cat treats are made with real fish- its the #1 ingredient!. A treat worthy of your own table but made for your cat. Bounty Bites Fish Sticks are high in protein, Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. Cats love the natural flavor of Fish Sticks since the fish comes straight from the ocean, that’s why they recommend that you refrigerate after opening the package.

Quick facts

  • Premium kitty treats made with real ocean-fresh mackerel
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • High in protein, Omega 3, and Omega 7
  • Great natural flavor
  • Refrigerate after opening

Top reviews


I have three cats. One of them will eat these but only half-heartedly and I find the remains of some left behind so they are not a big hit.
ChastityOak Creek, CO

Worst product EVER

Do NOT buy this! My cats wouldn’t eat it, and within two days, I figured out why. I took it out of the bag, and there was MOLD ALL OVER IT!!
BelenRushmore, MN

expired product, spoiled item, do not buy

I got these and opened a package quickly giving some to my cat only to notice they were moldy. Noticed package expiration date has passed some time ago. Cat was mad when I took them back from her. I suppose these would be pretty good if not spoiled.
DomingaRoosevelt, AZ

picky eater

I know this is a cat treat but my chihuahua that wont eat anything but human food devours this snack. My other chi loves it just as much but she will eat anything. I would advise putting it it a zip lock bag in the fridge but never had any trouble with mold as the other reviewers said. If anyone is familiar with small dogs you have to watch for hypoglycemia. But with these snacks around she gets the protein and calories she needs. She has never had any troubles digesting this snack and has eaten half a pack with ease, she would eat the whole bag if it was up to her.
ChristopherNew Galilee, PA

Great training treats – my cat luvs them

I use these treats for training my Maine Coon. These are great for training because they are soft enough to break into small pieces and the cat can eat them quickly and await your next command. You do need to keep them sealed and in the refrigerator after opening and use before the expiration date.
LeonoreHenry, TN

Cats favorite treat

I have a fish driven cat, vs chicken or beef products, and he absolutely loved them. I had to keep them wrapped in something that wouldn’t let the smell through and up and away from his reach. He could smell them through just about everything, even though I couldn’t. He would have ripped through anything to get to them.
CarmeliaLuquillo, PR