Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs

Dogswell happy hips for dogs helps maintain healthy hips and joints with Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Quick facts

  • Helps maintain healthy hips and joints
  • Contains glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • No hormones, no antibiotics
  • Enriched with antioxidants
  • Due to the lack of artificial preservatives and artificial colors in this product, their could be color variations which may cause the product to become darker over time

Top reviews

Dogswell Happy Hips – Made in China

I had bought this product last year my dog loved them, but… I subscribe to a couple of Bichon Frise newsgroup and they are saying not to feed these to your dog as they come from China I threw out what I had left for the outside critters in the forest. I called Dogswell today and they verified that even though they say U.S. on them they are still coming from China.
MarqueriteLowber, PA

Good idea , but….made in China

Originally, these were made in US. Now made in China ( see back of bag) … advertised as natural,cage free, no hormones, no fillers, no antibiotics …HUH? Not in China… I will not trust these as safe treats. Follow up: My dogs vomited after they ate these. 3/09 original warnings from FDA 2007 re: chicken product from China… a follow up was issued by the FDA again on 12/18/08 to remain vigilant and of concern if fed to smaller dogs.

Update: DEC 2011 All chicken Jerky remains a problem according to the FDA (product from China noted again to be of concern)
Some dogs made ill from chicken jerky product recovered with treatment and others have died.
The email from my vet stated that the FDA would like you to report if you have a problem with chicken jerky treats.

MercedesApple River, IL

reommend you avoid chinese sourced food products for your pet

These chicken strips (and most others like them) are priced so low they are hard to resist. My dogs love them of course and for dogs who tolerate chicken, they should be excellent treats. However, I do not trust pet foods sourced from China. Most of you should remember the melamine disaster of several years ago that killed and permanantly injured over ten thousand pets. It remains almost impossible to determine the conditions under which chinese food products are produced and manufactured. The rumors in the veterinary world (I am a DVM)are that the majority of the chickens used in these cheap products are dead before processing. No one has any clue what, if any, adulterants are added. Many brands are irradiated (if this matters to you). Overall, I recommend purchasing pet food products that the manufacturer guarantees are made 100% from US grown and processed ingredients.
TerrellPost Falls, ID


I’m disturbed that these treats, as many reviewers state, are so “addictive.” My dog, too, loves them but has now begun to shun her meals and will only eat these treats. In trying to make sense of her current state of anorexia, I recently became aware of the FDA advisory on Dec. 19, 2008 stating that one of the symptoms to be aware of in dogs eating chicken jerky treats made in China is “decreased appetite, although some may continue to consume the treats to the exclusion of other foods.” So be very wary of the fact that dogs seem to go crazy over these treats. Although the Dogswell Company states clearly that their product is not contaminated, and that third party testers have confirmed this, do the owners of the company truly know what’s happening in China behind the scenes? Or who might get paid off to test certain batches of jerky? I and my vet have been unable to come up with any other explanation for my dog’s anorexia, except that it coincides with her increased interest (and now ONLY interest) in Happy Hips since I began treating her with them last spring. Thankfully, her kidney function is still fine, but if you research this on the web, many other dogs were not so lucky and died due to kidney failure.
See this link to the FDA website suggesting caution to consumers in using chicken jerky products from China. Be informed! […]
VirginaBurlington, MA

my dog loves these! made in china… so what?

My dog absolutely looooves these treats! He even got the cat hooked on them lol They taste terrific (i try everything i buy for my dog before i feed it to him because if i think it’s nasty, i will not force him to eat it either) however, the Made In China on the back of the package was a very very scary discovery. After reading some of the 1 starred reviews on Amazon bashing the product bc it’s manufactured in China i decided to google it and i found nothing about Dogswell being affected by the recall. Here’s a letter from Marco Giannini, the CEO of Dogswell & Catswell
These are posts by Marco Giannini defending his products on;sa,showPosts;start,30
MargariteMallie, KY

My dog Rocky loves Happy Hips and they agree with his sensitive stomch.

Rocky is a beautiful Collie but a very picky eater with a sensitive stomach. He will not eat store bought dog bones and I have made him home made ones in the past. However, he loves Happy Hips and they agree with his sensitive stomach, so they are not only good for him but apparently taste good also.
EvelinaJonas Ridge, NC

FDA Warning ! Poison! Made IN China !

PLEASE research, on the web! This product nearly killed my dog! All of Dogswell jerky treats are Poison!! Made in China! This Dist. does not seem to care he is killing our pets. Fda told me 70 dogs have died from these kind of dog treats. BEWARE! I have over 1,000.00 in vet bills. Amazon please don’t sell this line to us, talk with the FDA,Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken Breast,15-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3) find another product made in the USA, before more of our furry friends get sick or die.
YunMerryville, LA

Caused diarrhea in one dog, vomiting in the other

I honestly don’t know how this product could have garnered so many five-star reviews. I bought it for my senior dogs (14 years old) when their usual joint treats (Pet Naturals of Vermont soft chews) were out of stock, since one of my dogs is very finicky about what glucosamine supplements he’ll take, and I had tried everything else available without success. I gave both of them the recommended dosage, based on their weights (15 and 24 lbs), and was delighted to see that they happily accepted the treats. Within 12 hours, though, my Yorkie had raging diarrhea and my Eskie-poo had vomited forcefully, which was very unusual for both of them. Not realizing it was this product, I tried it again a couple of days after nursing them back to health, with the exact same effect. Internet searches confirmed that other users have similarly reported nasty GI side effects with this product.
WilbertBronxville, NY

Happy Hips

These are great treats, even for fussy dogs. The glucosamine and chrondroitin realy do help older dogs with their joints.
LasandraSunderland, MD

Great treat for your precious critters!

Dogswell has continued to live up to its stellar reputation with these additive free, wholesome treats for dogs.
I give all of my four footed babies these treats and it adds to an organic diet already rich in good food. I have yet to meet any pup who doesn’t love these treats both for the chewy, crunchy needs that dogs need, but also for the total nutrition it provides. If you are worried about the latest pet food recalls from China, these treats have never had to be recalled.
HugoPittsview, AL

Dog Won’t Eat Them

My dog loves chicken breast treats. That is, until I bought these. I’m sure this is simply a matter of taste. I don’t know if the additives smell different or what’s turning him off but he’ll pick it up and then just drop it. He refuses to eat them at all.
CourtneyIsland, KY

doggie ice cream

I don’t know what they put in this stuff but my dogs go absolutely crazy for it and the Amazon price was by far the lowest.


ArturoWilton, AL

Happy Hips=Happy Pets

I purchased this item for our 11 year old dog on the recommendation of our vet. Our dog loves these treats, and they seem to help her joint discomfort. They are a good size for a treat. I give her one or two a day and have noticed an improvement in the way she moves around-less limping. Try them. Your dog will love you for it and you’ll like what it does for your dog!
GladyCowen, WV

Made in China

Thought these were healthy treats, but found out that they are Made in China. Noted on back of bag. Concerned that it may fall into China made Jerky treats suspected to cause kidney problems in pets.
LiaRena Lara, MS

Great made in China product for dogs.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people don’t seem to believe the labels of products made in China, when it is usually a U.S. company that dictates what goes into the product. Besides read the labels of products made right here–a vast majority of them contain toxic to humans & animals ingredients–everything from paint & varnish to the food is tainted with these toxic chemicals & all made right here in the U.S.A. So, if you can trust a U.S. label–why not trust a Chinese label? These treats are sure a hit with our dogs–all 7 of them love the chicken, lamb & rice, & the duck with glucosamine & chrondroitin. We buy this type because of our older dogs with severe arthritis. Our 15 yr. old was almost beyond walking until we started feeding him these snacks & our 9 yr. old Chihuahua’s hip problems are much improved. On S&S these snacks are the cheapest price that we have found & with free shipping–Keep ’em coming Dogswell & Amazon–yes, even from the dreaded China.
FernandaDutch Harbor, AK

Happy Hips are a lifesaver!

My little Schipperke could hardly walk in the morning because her hips hurt so much. Even though she is only two, we worried that she would need surgery to get around. We started her on Happy Hips and in less than two weeks, she was a pup again… running around and enjoying life. And, she runs to the kitchen in the morning to beg for her “treat” because she loves the taste. What a great product. Thank you so much.
EliciaStebbins, AK

Even the fussiest pooch will approve!

I have given these treats to an array of doggies: english bulldogs, a boston terrier, a hound mix, and several mutt breeds…the overall consensus? Two very enthusiastic paws up! Not one of the dogs turned it down. Pretty impressive. No matter how fussy your dog, or how limited his or her dietary restrictions, these treats not only drive them wild, but have added goodies to improve their health. Ya’ can’t go wrong! I also would try the other varieties (heart health, breathies, vitality) each has a lil’ something to address your dog’s specific needs, and above all, they will love ’em.
DorothaMaynard, MA

Dogs love these, and great vitamin addins

I am always feeding my dogs chicken jerky, I love how this product has Glucosamine and Chondroitin in it. I am not sure how many I would have to feed though to get the true effects, I only feed 1 a day to each of my 4 dogs.

They love these, as they love all the Dogswell products. For smaller dogs, make sure you break up into smaller pieces as I had a pug almost choke on chicken jerkey ( not this brand )

SaraTalihina, OK

Dogs love this

This is great product, but for small dogs make sure you break it up in smaller pieces. Almost lost my dog due to impaction due to him eating too fast. I feel good feeding this to my dogs!
EliciaHallsville, TX

My dog loves these!

When I run out of these, my dog reluctantly eats other treats, but I can tell she is not happy. My cats even try to steal them from her.

It’s hard to find good quality pet snacks without a lot of additives and grain free. These Dogswell brand are the best.

JoiePinch, WV


I am very disappointed that this Happy Hips product is made in China now. If it wasn’t for me going into a pet food store that doesn’t carry products not made in the USA I would be still feeding this product to my dog. I am really concerned on finding a new product due to my Bichon’s allergies, she can only have Lamb. She now sits at the cabinet and cries for her treat. I think I may need to make my own lamb jerkey in my dehydrator. More work but worth it. With no regulations in China who knows what is swept from the floors and put in the product. As we know the packaging is misleading what is misleading in the ingredents. I have been to China it is scary. We take so much for granted in the USA.


MaxieMulvane, KS

My dog feels better!

I’ve been giving these treats to my dog for roughly 3 weeks now. He is a Dalmation/Hound mix and has joint issues in his back legs. At 12 years old we have definitely noticed him slowing down. He has food allergies so having this medication in the form of duck breast (something which dogs are rarely allergic to I am told) was perfect for our Buddy. He’s running a bit again in the yard and seems more inclined to go for a walk (something he used to love to do). I highly recommend a try if you are skeptical. I like it so much I went to a “subscription” status to save a little more money. At roughly $20/month for us, it is well worth the “investment” – it just plain made him feel better!
PenelopeHammond, WI

Dog treats

Always been happy with the quality and price of these treats. Receive them quickly and packaged well. I would recommend this seller. Nicely done and no worries.
RichWellington, NV

Dog Medicine (they think it’s candy)

Every morning after they are fed, two of my Poms get Happy Hips and the third wants in on it. They think it’s a great treat and never not want it.
AbrahamNew Hartford, IA

Happy Hips

I am so happy I found this product on Amazon! My dog loves these little treats and they really do seem to help her aging joints. However, the dollars add up so finding a reasonably priced site was wonderful! As always, I received them super fast.
TariWaverly Hall, GA

Happy Hips Really, Really Work

I have a beautiful oldie but goodie huskie who was suffering from hip and joint pains. After trying other products, I happened upon Happy Hips. He absolutely loves the taste and I was amazed at his results. He is back to actually running up and down stairs again. He is 15 years old and could not be doing better.
TonieShalimar, FL


Our nine year old, very active, Golden Retriever loves these treats. We cut several of them up into bite-size pieces and add them to her twice daily meals. One order lasts us approximately two months, and the Amazon continuous shipping works great.
CyndiFillmore, UT

Best Dog Treats Around at Amazon

Besides being tasty, Happy Hips is good for your dog. It’s a quality product by a great company dedicated to making only the best food and treats. Also, by signing up for recurring shipments, you are saving money. It’s win, win, win.
ChanelPotter, NE

Doggie Heroin

If you’re looking for a never-fail, works-every-time dog treat, look no further. Far superior to any other chicken jerky we’ve tried, and we’ve tried at least six. Terrific product at a very good price.
WanBigfork, MT


I wish I had read that these are made in China before I bought them. They are going in the trash – lesson learned.
FletcherChase Mills, NY