Dogswell Happy Hips JERKY BARS 32Oz Made in USA

Every dog needs healthy joints. That’s where Dogswell Happy Hips comes in. Made with proteinrich, all natural chicken breast, these scientifically formulated and lovingly prepared dog treats are made especially to help maintain your dog’s joints. We use only the best ingredients and fortifications because at Dogswell, we’re committed to baking healthy and tasty treats. Go on, give your dog the best, and make it a Dogswell day. Helps maintain healthy joints.Feeding Instructions: Provide 1 treat per 15 pounds per day. No byproducts, no hormones, no antibiotics, no added salt, no BHA, no fillers, no wheat, no flour, no corn, no soy. Ingredients Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin E SupplementGuaranteed Analysis crude protein 60 (min) crude fat 1 (min) crude fat 5 (max) crude fiber 1 (max) moisture 18 (max) vitamin E 100i.u./kg (min) glucosamine hydrochloride 2000mg/kg (min) chondroitin sulfate 1000mg/kg (min) Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Quick facts

  • Real Chicken Breast Jerky with Added NutrientsHelps maintain healthy joints
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Top reviews

A great product

I’ve been using Happy Hips for almost a year now for my pooch who was taking a long time getting over a torn ligament. I’ve ordered them from many places but this particular supplier is top notch. Does not kill you with high postage and handling and the product came well packed so hardly any of the strips were broken. Can’t say that about other suppliers of this product. Will definitely only order from them in the future.
MicaelaOak Harbor, OH

great treats

I had been buying at a store, but they had a hard time keeping them in stock…My dogs were already hooked on the treats so I thought maybe I’d try from online. The sticks at the store were half the amount for about the same price. The only difference was the size of the ind. sticks. They were used to the longer sticks, but have easily adjusted to the lesser size. They are just Yorkies so the smaller size is probably all they need anyway. Of course, Yorkies are known for the bad knee joints so this is a good way to give them a daily dose of gluco-condroin. I do wish they would put the dosage amount per lb. so I would know if they are getting the recommended dosage for weight and age. The only concern I have is these are made in China. I just don’t trust the sanitary conditions and effort to control the product ingredient safety issues.
GiovannaDunkerton, IA

My dog’s favorite treat!

These treats are great. My dog will not take any supplements or any other treats that contain glucosamine & chondroitin. She is almost 14 years old and she runs and jumps around like a 2-year old puppy. These are the only treats she will eat and they have helped her hips and knees tremendously.
AdellaMaumee, OH

Manufactured in China

The bag says that the product was manufactured in China. There have been warnings about breast strip products that have been packed in China causing illnesses and some fatalities. My dogs love them but I am now concerned about feeding them this product.
SharronWashington, CT

best treat

My health food store gave me a sample last year. My dog just loves it.
This is my dogs main treat, nothing compares to it.
LinneaPeoa, UT


This is the greatest dog treat in the world I have tryed thousands amd my dog is picky she was never treat driven until I found these treats she will do anything for one 🙂
ReinaldoCamden, OH

Dogs Love Them

The jury is still out on glucosamine & Chondroitin whether it helps or not, even in people but it I don’t think it can hurt and this is a delicious way to get it into your best friend. If I am talking about them, I have to actually spell “chicken sticks” because my dogs will make a beeline to where they are. They love them a little too much. This is the best price going anywhere. I buy 6 big bags at a time and even with the small shipping cost it is about $10 a bag cheaper than the next lowest competitor.
MichealClaypool, AZ

Happy Hips

Good product. Better price than in local stores. Good customer service. Will surely order again but not wait until all my existing product is gone.
DeeannaGlenwood, IN

Perfect for Big Old Dogs

My dog, Blue, has been chewing Happy Hips for about 4 years now. He is 13 years old and weighs around 85 pounds. Thanks to Happy Hips, he still is moving like a much younger, smaller dog.
KeithaArcadia, MI

Now made in China.

The government has posted warnings about products made with chicken in China. Do a thirty second google search on how nasty, cruel and plain disgusting these unnatural chicken “farms” are in China. No wonder dogs are becoming so ill from these strips. I am SO upset this company stopped manufacturing here under our humane and chemical laws. I am writing the company a letter and email.
ScarletLawtey, FL

Warning! Product of China. FDA warning!

Shameful that this company continues to sell products that are under FDA warnings. Does anyone think for a second that these are organic and cage free and we are t.o just take a Chinese company’s word for it? With NO government regulations. Yea right.
JamilaBeecher City, IL

Made in China

We used to buy Dogswell treats over the number of years but recently found out they have outsourced all their pet food to China. Our dog recently died after diagnosed with Autoimmune and diabetes and we start wondering how much did these Made in China treats from Dogswell contributed.
JasminHahnville, LA

Iggy Delight

My Italian Greyhound loves these treats. He lays in front of the pantry an howls for them if I forget treat time!! Yes, they do work for the joint problems. He is now running around like when he was a puppy–after beginning to limp. We use so many Amazon is the only place to purchase them at a reasonable price.
QueenieMacks Inn, ID

happy hips

we bought these for treats for our puppy but found out later that the meat came from China and they were having problems with the meat that many people said that after feeding them to thier pets, they became seriously ill and a few of them died. We personally didnt have a problem with it but when we found out about the problems with this treat, we threw it in the garbage and did not give her any more
AishaUnion Star, MO

Dangerous Treat for Dogs

This treat is made in China and I have been made aware the the FDA is still investigating why this product has caused kidney failure and subsequent death in dogs. No more products made in China for my beloved pets!
AdellaKeyport, WA

Life safer for older dogs…

We have two Schipperkes, the oldest is 15 years old. Happy Hips make a HUGE difference in how well they get around. I have been buying it for years and wouldn’t try anything else for the world.
BerthaGreenleaf, WI

Made in China

Posted Nov 11, 2011 on the FDA website: “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is again cautioning consumers that chicken jerky products for dogs (also sold as chicken tenders, strips or treats) may be associated with illness in dogs.” At the bottom of the bag of these Dogswell products, in very small letters, it says “Made in China”. After feeding these to my dogs, one become violently ill. Another died of cancer…maybe related, maybe not. Why take the chance???
KristiGranville, WV

Made in China treats still KILLING dogs – ABC NEWS 2012!

Yes, dogs love these treats but educate yourself before you buy any dog treats made in china. This company is aware of the stigma behind products made in china but they’re not going to bring their manufacturing to the US until consumers care enough about their dogs to stop buying this product.

Per ABC News;
Just six months after issuing its latest warning about chicken jerky dog treats made in China, the Food and Drug Administration confirms it has logged more than 900 complaints from pet owners who say their dogs either were sickened or died after eating the treats.

The number of complaints has nearly doubled since the story was first reported by ABC News in March. The FDA says its investigation is ongoing and that it continues to test samples of the popular treats, which dog owners across the country say have caused kidney failure in their pets, resulting in severe illness or death.


WilmaChehalis, WA