Dogswell Happy Hips JERKY BARS 32Oz Made in USA

Every dog needs healthy joints. That’s where Dogswell Happy Hips comes in. Made with proteinrich, all natural chicken breast, these scientifically formulated and lovingly prepared dog treats are made especially to help maintain your dog’s joints. We use only the best ingredients and fortifications because at Dogswell, we’re committed to baking healthy and tasty treats. Go on, give your dog the best, and make it a Dogswell day. Helps maintain healthy joints.Feeding Instructions: Provide 1 treat per 15 pounds per day. No byproducts, no hormones, no antibiotics, no added salt, no BHA, no fillers, no wheat, no flour, no corn, no soy. Ingredients Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin E SupplementGuaranteed Analysis crude protein 60 (min) crude fat 1 (min) crude fat 5 (max) crude fiber 1 (max) moisture 18 (max) vitamin E 100i.u./kg (min) glucosamine hydrochloride 2000mg/kg (min) chondroitin sulfate 1000mg/kg (min) Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Quick facts

  • Real Chicken Breast Jerky with Added NutrientsHelps maintain healthy joints
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Top reviews

Happy Hips Made in China!

I would be much happier with this product if it was not made in China. Although my dogs love Happy Hips I do not give them to my 5 dogs as much anymore now that I have discovered they are made in China where many unsafe dog products are manufactured. I have received emailed cautionary warnings about chicken jerky for dogs that is made in China causing liver and kidney damage so I give these only as a rare treat.
EmilKellnersville, WI

Beware FDA Warning 70 dogs have died

Check out this product their is a FDA warning many dogs have gotten deathly sick from eating these treats Made in China. My dog almost died and is still trying to recover from being poisoned by these. They would be recalled by now but the FDA told me that they don’t know what the ingredient is that is sickening dogs so they can’t recall? This has been going on since 2007. The owner of Dogwell could care less as I have also spoke with him bottom line for him $$$,not your pet. Do a little research google jerky treats from China you don’t want your pet to go though what mine has. Bloody stools, vomiting, shaking, back legs became paralyzed he could not walk or stand.
ShielaWhitewright, TX

Great for older dogs with hip dysplasia

My border collie has had hip dysplasia for a while, she will not accept pills or medication and refuses the doggie bones with glucosamine, but she loves the happy hips jerky strips with glucosamine. I found these at a doggy boutique 200 miles from here at twice the price as AmaZON.COM
RicardaOak Run, CA

Our Dog loves these best

We have tried some other dog treats enriched to help with hip problems and our dog absolutely loves these the most. With his other snacks we had to hide them in cheese because he was not interested in them…but he really looks forward to these chicken snacks. The price is great too… because we paid $[…] for the initial 16 oz. bag (we ordered from an online pet site) and now we are going to order the 2 lbs. bag from Amazon for just three dollars more because we know our dog will appreciate them.

When we started using these treats our dog’s hip was dislocated and since eating the snack each day his hip is getting noticably better and he seems to be happier…less cranky which I think might be due to the inflamation in his hip going away. It’s a thin easy to eat strip that our dog loves.

NellieChester, WV

My dogs love them!

I feel safe using a product made in the USA after the scare with the dog treats made in China. These are a natural alternative. My dogs love the chicken and the duck treats!
LoraineOakman, GA

Jake gives these 5 stars!

My best friend, an aging Shetland Sheepdog named Jake, absolutely loves these treats! We used to get them from a local pet store, but recently moved — can’t find them anywhere nearby. So of course, we turned to Amazon, where happily they are half the price (before shipping) we were used to paying.

Jake had hip dysplasia surgery as a young adult dog, he walks with a noticable limp, that was slowly becoming worse. He shunned glucosamine supplements so they were of little help, but since we found these wonderful treats, his gait doesn’t seem to be degrading any further… So I am very happy that we can still get them here…

Because I love my little dog to pieces, and anything that makes his life a little better or a little longer is a great thing — that he enjoys eating them makes them a godsend!

DebroahBates City, MO

Seems to work!

I have no clue how these taste, but my German Shepherd is crazy in love with them. ‘Xena’ seems to be much improved in the hips area also. She had trouble with stairs and jumping in general, but is pretty much back to puppy-status after a few months of eating these.

I have to take Xena’s word for it, these things work.

JoellaPineola, NC

Dogs love them

I bought this product so to try something different for my 12 yr old cocker spaniel and my other younger dogs. I was attracted by the fact that it has glucosamine, which helps for healthy joints. Recently my cocker has been looking as if she was in pain as if her joints were bothering her. This product has helped her greatly and shes up and running around like shes 5 yrs younger. They love these things and I have to restrict them to one and maybe two a day. They’re pricey but I bought them because of the glucosamine and hoped they would like them. I just purchased another bag, well worth the money….
PatLansing, IA

My dogs will do anything for a piece of these

They are from cage free chickens, but don’t let that free your conscience. Chickens are only kept in cages if they are egg laying. A free range lable might mean the chickens had a slightly better life.
IsisKingston Mines, IL

Very happy pup

Our 13 lb Joelle loves these treats. We break them up into smaller pieces to last longer. Healthy treat!
MarileeAlden, IA

Dogswell Happy Hips chicken treats

Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast Dog Treats (2-lb resealable bag)Our dog absolutely goes bonkers over these treats. They are chicken strips that sort of resemble bacon. Sometimes he tries to swallow them whole but then figures out he has to chew them. Big dogs are prone to hip problems so this seems a great way to get a little Glucosamine and Chondroitin in his system.
MargieKearny, AZ

Excellent Product

Not so good for the little guys as they tend to choke, but we soak them in water to soften, then add the water to their regular feedings to get the benefits of the Glucosamine. No more choking, and they seem to help our little guy’s discomfort due to joint degeneration.
JannCoulters, PA

Happy Hips Review

My doggie loves them and they seem to do as they advertise.
ColinLa Belle, PA

Grocery and Gormet

Sugar is getting older so I buy the Chicken Strips with Glucosamine. That’s her reward a short trip outside in the morning 🙂

Supplier is great and pricing is fair – a little under the box store price. Since we buy it on Schedule and Ship, there is not shipping usually.

MallieSpringfield, GA

YUMMY….Happy Hips-Chicken Treats!!!!

I have Penny and Jake, they are 8 yrs old Shih Tzus and are very picky eaters. Jake is diabetic and he always looks forward to his Chicken Treat after he has his insulin injection….he will hold still while Mommie “shoots” him. His sister Penny gets a treat also for being a good sister and watching out for him. They LOVE them. The service on ordering and receiving my order is excellent.
Thank you for making safe, tasty and healthy treats for my babies.
Brenda Pirtle
AracelisFairfield, NC

Happy Hips = Happy Pups

Great product. My dogs absolutely love these treats and just flip out whenever I grab the bag and I don’t have to worry about them choking like with rawhide treats. It’s also great for their hips and joints.
AuroreUniontown, OH

Happy Hips

My dogs love happy hips! I order happy hips from amazon all the time. They get to my house fast and my three dogs love
that. It has helped their hips and they love how they taste.
ReitaWaterloo, SC

Happy Hips makes “Chelsea” happy!!

My mini schnauzer has very mild arthritis in her right, rear ‘knee’. She loves the Happy Hips Chicken strips and the Lamb/Rice snacks. The lamb rice is easier to break into pieces if you don’t want to give your dog the whole thing. She is not as crazy about the Liver or Beef. She must get one in the morning after her walk or she’s grouchy all day!!!
LynnCle Elum, WA

Best Price listed below

I have a large 100Plus lbs GSD and only feed him the best. I.e. Orijen, TOTW, etc. Happy Hips is hands down the best TREAT for a large breed dog prone to LBD hip / joint problems.
BEST KEPT Hidden Deal is COSTCO – 3lb bag for only 14.99!!! way lower than any online store or box store…about ONE FOURTH price of Petco (they sell one lb for twenty bucks
ArtOacoma, SD

Scared for my Sheba

we have been giving our dogs Happy Hips Chicken treats for a few years with no problems, however my dog recently started getting tremendously sick out of the blue. She started drinking tons of water, having accidents all over the house and stopped eating her food. My Vet has done a X-Ray, ultrasound, blood work etc…they have no idea what is going on. My poor German Shepherd is on the brink of dying and everything seems to point to these chicken treats. All of her food is top quality made in USA food, I always trusted what Dogswell said about testing their treats extensively, now I am not so sure. I just read an aritcle on Fanconi Syndrome caused by treats from China, I plan on calling my vet first thing in the morning, wish us luck. 🙁
MarcMenoken, ND

Made my dog sick!!

From just two days of giving these treats to my dog she started having bloody diarrhea, less appetite and that’s when I googled information about chicken jerky and was horrified about what I found. I can’t believe I bought this at a Wholefoods store. I did not realize they were made in China, but now I see the correlation with other products that have been recalled. DONT BUY THESE PRODUCTS! I just trashed the bag I bought, which wasn’t cheap by the way, but after seeing what it did to my dog I am not buying this again from any store.
CarsonRyder, ND

Made in China

I threw away my bag of chicken jerky after hearing about the FDA warning on chicken jerky products made in China. Looking on the back of the bag, it says this product is made in China so I will not be buying it again. It’s not worth the future health of my pet, despite how much they may love their jerky treats. I’m on the lookout now for a USA made alternative. Put your pets first, not you wallet. It may cost more to buy USA made, but it is worth it in the long run if your dogs avoid dying an early death that could have been avoided.
ShawnMcgrew, NE

Most DOGSWELL products are manufactured in the US. Some of our treats are manufactured in China

Chicken jerky treats made from Chinese ingredients are currently being linked to Fanconi Syndrome in dogs. Pets are getting sick and dying.

FDA Continues to Caution Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products:

Signs of Fanconi syndrome can include decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, and increased water consumption and/or increased urination. Dogs that have this condition will usually be very thirsty and will urinate excessive amounts.

If your dog has any of these symptoms and you are feeding jerky treats, stop feeding IMMEDIATELY and take to a vet! This is a life threatening emergency!
And PLEASE file a report with the FDA!


MagenEden Prairie, MN


I have been feeding my dog Dogswell pet food for years without any problem, she loves the food, and has been very healthy. I decided to try the dogswell brand jerky, and she began having very loose stools and eventually blood. I researched online and discovered unlike the pet food, the jerky treats are manufactured in China, a country the United States doesn’t allow the importing of chicken for human consumption.

Please do NOT feed your dog these, there are many reports of these treats causing the same symptoms in other dogs and in multiple cases resulting in death.

ClementeEastport, ID

Dogswell rocks!

I usually DO NOT buy ANYTHING sourced from the PRC, either for myself or for Maggie, my Bull Terrier. (I came to this decision after numerous issues with poor quality, odd appearance and slightly “off” smells emanating from PRC-sourced products. Maggie also puked several times when I tried some generic Costco PRC-sourced chicken jerky treats.) However, as I have had great experiences with other non-PRC-sourced Dogswell Happy Hips treats for Maggie, I was willing to try their Chicken Jerky as well.

Maggie LOVES these treats, and will do just about anything, for anyone, when she thinks it might end-up with a piece of this chicken jerky. She seems to view these as very high value treats, which has been very helpful in periodic training exercises; and I feel very good about giving them to her due to the added glucosamine and chondroitin. (Bull Terriers can be susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems.) In the usual Dogswell fashion, these treats are made from cage-free chicken raised without antibiotics, added growth hormones or added steroids.

While it may change in the future, the current Amazon/Entirely Pets price of $20.00 for a 2lb bag is better than the Costco price for a similar amount of other Dogswell Happy Hips treats.

AlexanderCamp Point, IL

Happy Hips

My dog likes this treat. I’m not sure if it really helps her hips because we do not give them to her on a daily basis, she is on other joint related products daily. This is given as a special treat. But she loves the flavor and the attention she gets when I break it up into bit size pieces for her.
RevaWaialua, HI

Happy Hips = Happy Dog

My 13+ year old American Eskimo had slowed down. All his life he’s been very active. This situation was sad for us and for him. A friend brought a treat for him which included some Happy Hips. The treats were gobbled quickly. Over the next week or two we began to notice a huge change in our Eskie’s behavior. He was more energetic. He seemed to want to go for those long walks again. We have bought Happy Hips twice now. I’m getting ready to order again.
PeggyTerrell, TX

Dog loves it

My dog is getting older and the Glucosamine & Chondroitin in these treats have helped her with joint pain. She loves to go out for walks now is moves a lot easier, plus she loves the chicken too…
TiffanieWolbach, NE

The Best

My dogs LOVE these treats!! I can’t say enough good things about them. I feel my dogs are getting something good for them and also use the ‘Happy Hips’ as training treats too by cutting them in pieces. Love the Duck, Sweet Potato & Banana wraps too!
MerrySelma, IN

Help for Old Big Dogs with Arthritis

3 Years ago, a friend of mine recommended Happy Hips for my dog, Blue. Blue is now 11 years old, an 85-pound Lab mix, who is perfect all the time and whom I love dearly. He was having trouble during the winter getting up stairs and seemed to hesitate when he got up from a lying-down position. I have been giving him Happy Hips for 3 years now and they have helped him immensely! He gets 3 a day as treats and they keep him moving with ease. Additionally, he feels like a very special Good Boy with each treat. He loves them!
ArdenSublette, KS