Dogswell Mellow Mutt Chicken Breast Dog Treats with Chamomile & Lavender

MELLOW MUT Chicken Breast Do you have a stressed out dog? Is he high-strung, skittish or nervous? Try MELLOW MUT® true jerky treats with chamomile and lavender for a more peaceful pooch. All-Natural, Cage-Free Chicken Breast With Functional Benefits With Antioxidants With Chamomile and Lavender Ingredients Chicken Breast, Vitamin E Supplement, Chamomile, Clover, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Linden Flower, Oyster Shell Flour (Source of Calcium Carbonate) Guaranteed Analysis % Crude Protein (Minimum) 70 Crude Fat (Minimum) 1 Crude Fat (Maximum) 5 Crude Fiber (Maximum) 1 Moisture (Maximum) 16 Vitamin E (Minimum) 10000i.u./kg

Quick facts

  • All-Natural, Cage-Free Chicken Breastl
  • With Functional Benefits l
  • With Antioxidants l
  • With Chamomile and Lavender

Top reviews

Sickness and Death

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is again cautioning consumers that chicken jerky products for dogs (also sold as chicken tenders, strips or treats) may be associated with illness in dogs. In the last 12 months, FDA has seen an increase in the number of complaints it received of dog illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported from China. These complaints have been reported to FDA by dog owners and veterinarians.”
CrystleElliott, IL