Dogswell Veggie Life Happy Hips Chicken & Apple Treats for Adult Dogs, 5-Ounce Pouches

Dogswell Veggie Life Happy Hips is a great treat for adult dogs which helps maintain healthy hips and joints with glucosamine and chondroitin. It contains no hormones, no antibiotics and no byproducts.

Quick facts

  • Great treat which helps maintain healthy hips and joints
  • Has no hormones, no antibiotics and no byproducts
  • Contains glucosamine to help maintain joint mobility
  • No artificial preservatives and artificial colors

Top reviews

I had to throw out all the Dogswell products I purchased

I purchase almost daily from Amazon and recommend Amazon to my friends constantly. I think that makes me a very good customer.
I have a very serious concern. When Amazon sells pet food and/or treats made in China they must be disclosed on the Amazon page as “MADE IN CHINA”. No one who loves their pet will buy them, but Amazon will at least give us a fair chance to protect our beloved pets from these poisons imported from China.
As a loyal customer, I expect Amazon to protect me and my loved ones from hidden threats. Amazon MUST disclose the country of origin for ALL food products! If Amazon is too ashamed to disclose the source, then Amazon should not sell it!
One Star is much too high a rating. I had to throw out all the Dogswell products I purchased, Shame on Amazon for selling without disclosing the source!
TaneshaTolar, TX

Treats were stale

The Dogswell Happy Hips Sweet Potato Chews I bought from Amazon were stale. I have bought these before, in local stores, and they are supposed to be pliable and “chewy”. Although the bags had expiration dates that were in code, each bag I opened, contained “stale” chews. They broke like crackers and I could hear my dog chomping on them like a bone. I buy them so I can bend them over and put them in her toys or bones – she can spend a lot of time trying to get at the “treat”. With these, all I could do was feed them to her like snack crackers. I was very disappointed. I will continue to buy them, as they are a good product, just not from Amazon.
FloRadcliffe, IA

Happy Hips Sweet Potato

A healthy treat that is hard to find in stores. I cant give my dog anything Chicken (allergic) and found the Sweet Potato glucosamine treats here on Amazon at a great price too. My Lab absolutely loves them and the glucosamine is good for his hips.
BaileyWaterville, VT


I bought these for my Dalmatian for the first time about a month ago. He LOVED them…so much that even though I only gave him the recommended amount per day for his weight class he STOPPED EATING HIS FOOD.

I went in to Petco and spoke with a customer service rep who told me a couple of people had come in with similar experiences. He said he was personally curious about it and did some research online and pulled up some reviews (which we looked up together while I was in the store) of people with the same issue. We discovered Dogswell now makes this product in China. Whether or not that automatically makes it unsafe I don’t know but given the other reviews and the sign from my own dog I am no longer willing to risk it. Do some research – google “Dogswell made in china” and decide for yourself.

FerminKewanee, MO

great product but it is from China

I don’t trust dog treats (or much else) from China.
I love my Amazon prime account. I would be willing to pay a few dollars for a “PRIME USA” account
YukikoWoodlake, CA

Items were spoiled/faulty

The initial shipment of treats were spoiled – the sweet potato was moldy inside the bag. Requested replacement and they were the same. Obviously these have been stored somewhere unsuitable and they were ruined. Have given up trying to convey this to Amazon as they obviously don’t get it…
CarmellaLittleport, IA

Breakfast for Stella

Stella starts her day with chicken and banana treats or chicken and apple. My little rescue dog loves her treat and waits patiently for it every morning. I can only tell you that it must be tasty because she is both happy and satisfied … A wonderful way to start her day. This is a great product and I recimmend it!
LesleeRacine, MO

Zeus LOVES these !!!

Our 150 lb, 8 year old bullmastiff absolutely loves these. When he hears us say “happy hips” his ears perk up and he follows us everywhere. The infusion of glucosamine was just ingenious for a snack that apparently tastes so great! We’re on a monthly subscription so we don’t run out!
CrystleOswego, KS

Unhappy hips! supplied by AMAZON

Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality Sweet Potato Chew Treats for All Dogs, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)A year ago these treats were perfect and my pooch loved them, “just what the doctor ordered”. HOWEVER, the recent shipments have been of inferior quality, poor quality. The product is dried-up and as far as my dog is concerned, unacceptable. She refuses to eat the treats and walks away from them. While the expiration date is in 2012 the product has to be tossed, it is anything but fresh.

What illuminates this even more is that the local pet store is now stocking these treats. At the pet store, the products look and are soft and well managed and loved by the pooch. Clearly the treats from the AMAZON vendor is without quality and may have been rejects.

While the cost in the pet store is much higher, it is well worth it. Proves that you get what you pay for. If it is ‘Happy Hips’ that your dog likes go the pet store or perhaps AMAZON will find a quality supplier.

AlisaBig Falls, MN

Dogswell swell

again although made in china, my dog hasnt had any problems. he loves when we cram a bit of sweet potato into a KONG and he goes batty trying to get it out.
MissCameron, AZ

yummy & healthy

my dogs love the sweet potato chew! agreed that it isnt very chewy, but it occupies them for a little which is nice. i have two little shih tzu’s and they usually eat them in 5ish minutes. my dogs love the taste and i love that its healthy.
JacquettaBooth, AL

Not a “Chew”, its more like a Jaw-breaker!

I like Dogswell products and have purchased the “Vitality” Chicken Chews before (which are actually chewy). But these sweet potato chews are hard as a rock! I seriously couldn’t even chew them, it was like biting a lolipop or jawbreaker – way too hard. My dog and my roomie’s dog didn’t care for them one bit. I purchased them because they were on sale (deeply discounted) and now I know why….

Buy other Dogswell Chews, just not these sweet potato ones…

JulioElrod, AL

My dogs love them

The only problem I have with this item is ONLY giving my dogs one a day! They love them! Better than almost everything else! They are hard to get locally, so I ordered them on here. I have a golden and a belgian, and both are larger and one is already showing hip issues. So I give them both supplements (the best I can get) and this is just one more item. I keep organic peanut butter cookies and other snacks for them, but they would prefer these!

The order arrived quickly and was wrapped well. I will order again!

KelliHooven, OH

Great Substitute for Freebirds Chicken Apple Wedges When You Can’t Find Them.

Our dogs love the Freebird chicken apple wedges, but the economic two-pound bag is too hard to find since I purchased them at here-today-gone-tomorrow Costco. The small bags are a bit pricey BUT they’re not made in China. My brother always insisted that we only buy dog food made in the USA when we had our three labs. Now I have a beagle and a blue heeler with my guy, and we are always trying to treat them for good behavior. I found and buy these at Petco. The bag has more content than the usual packs of Freebirds, and they like them as well, but I didn’t realize until reading other reviewer comments where they came from. Filled with condroitin and glucosamine for the mature dog with hip problems (the blue heeler), I thought I’d give them a try. Though I don’t see any distinct improvement in our 12 year-old Sydney’s hips, I don’t see anything detrimental either. They come to the cupboard after coming in from outside or a bath just as before and gobble them down like a kid with candy. The China factor makes me a little uneasy, especially at that price, but I see no ill effects thus far. I asked my vet today what she thought, and she said that they’re probably fine as long as they’re not recalled, but the laws in China are less strict about what they put in their products. It makes me wonder if I want to risk my dogs being a recall factor if that should happen, so use your own judgement. All I know is that my own canines love them, and others here seem to have no problem with them either.
DenverAlbion, RI

My toy dogs LOVE these treats!

These are my Yorkipoo and Shih-Tzu’s favorite treats!
I’ve tried getting other brands of similar treats, but they don’t compare to the quality of these Veggie Life Happy Hips Chicken & Banana treats. Even our Labrador loves them! It’s a lot to order at one time (6 packs), but they’re well sealed so they stay fresh.
OscarThree Lakes, WI

Our dog LOVES these

Okay so maybe my dog loves any treats but we think he loves these the most. Not only are they yummy to him but they also help his 12 year old aging bones.
DaliaWilliamsburg, IN

These are amazing!

These are great, healthy treats for your pooch. The larger pieces keep them busy for a it as well. Much, much better than rawhide! We’ve tried a couple different flavors and our dogs love them all!
LucyLansing, WV

Happy Hips makes happy dog

My granddog stayed with me while my son was deployed to Afghanistan, and I found these special treats for her. They seemed unique, and healthy, so I gave them a try. She loves them! I only give her one a day, after dinner as dessert. She knows what that word means, and will whine if I wait too long to give it to her. She is an older dog, and does have some joint issues, so I really like that these treats have glucosamine and chondroitin. Who knew that dogs like apples!
AudriaMishicot, WI

Great Treat

Love the benefits of hip & joint care since I have a Great Dane. She enjoys getting one every morning after she goes out. Good in more ways than one!
ColbyGlen Gardner, NJ

I own a finicky shih-tzu!

I own a shih tzu that hardly eats anything, and as far as treats go will only eat Happy Hips and (groan!)- Snausages! Unbelievable! He’ll turn his nose up at filet mignon, but will wolf down a Snausage! Of course I would rather he eat something somewhat healthy and I have bought many 15 oz. bags of Happy Hips treats through local merchandisers for around $18.99 a bag (plus tax). Comes to a little over $20 a bag. Three 15 oz. bags through Amazon with shipping – around $35, vs. three 15 oz. bags through local retailers – over $60. Same great product – do the math.
DanBandon, OR

Kind of tough to chew!

My Springer Spaniel ate them right away but the Malamute sniffed it a lot and finally ate them. I’ll stick with the Happy Hips Chicken products.
MeriBell Gardens, CA


What a wonder healthy treat we have discovered! I never would have imagined that Teecos Niceah Misty Blue would eat bananas!!! Happy Hips also aids us in our training. Niceah is a certified AKC registered Pet Therapy Dog and our patients have enjoyed giving Niceah her Happy Hips Chicken and Banana Treats during our visits. We highly recommend these treats to all happy canines! Robin and Niceah Kulik
MireilleNorthome, MN

My dogs love em…. but what’s with the white spots?????

I would give it 5 stars but deducted a star due to questionable quality. There were white spots all over the sweet potatoes which worried me as they looked like bacteria or something. I emailed the company and they told me that they had already tested it in a lab and it was found to be starch, which occurs naturally on sweet potatoes. But I still feel uneasy about giving it to my dogs. Why wouldn’t they post this info on the bags then?????
SusannDebary, FL

Made in China, that’s all you need to know.

I don’t have to say too much as these are made in China. I was shocked when Dogswell products are switched from made in USA to made in China without letting us consumers know. I think it’s very sneaky to increase their profit that way, but still charge us consumers the same price they used to charge when they are actually made in USA. I am VERY disappointed in Dogswell.
DenisFunston, GA


I am so appalled at this finding as my dog has been taking these treats for 8 years, now this explains to me why my dog became so ill back in October 2011 and still no diagnosis as doctors kept pumping me for money and told me all tests were negative. I read previous reviews and had also noticed the chicken and apple treat became a quarter size with a very black chicken wrap and me like a dummy gave it to him anyway. 6 months later of my dog vomiting, bloody diarrhea extreme weight loss we started prednizone as it was the last resort, either that or they wanted to operate saying it was a thickening intestinal wall that was stopping food from passing but couldn’t guarantee this would work. I so now in my heart believe is was due to Dogswell products. I started ordering them again just 2 months ago, noticed the treats were back to normal looking like they used to look, thought nothing strange of it and starting giving it to him again but being still on prednizone it’s hard to say if any further damage was now done. I am stopping the purchase of these treats and throwing the rest away. I wanna thank the public for your reviews and it has helped me so much understand maybe what has been going on with my baby. Sure enough after reading everything and did a google search I ran downstairs to check my bags and sure enough it said made in CHINA, I nearly passed out, This is a huge eye opener for me and from now on I will be buying only homemade dog treats made from people I know and my treats from stores like “THREE DOG BAKERY” here in Las Vegas, Nevada were I now will know what my dog is getting. This country has purely gone to shit and this sickens me that my baby suffered due to greed once again. Let’s fight back and NEVER EVER buy anything with the label “MADE IN CHINA” I don’t care what it is or how great a deal it is, this must be stopped some how as it seems everything is being made in China, please help the fight, you and your dogs life depends on it. Thanks again for the reviews and concerns of the caring people out there.
CherylRockville, NE

Buyer Beware – Warning out online kidney failure with these treats

Made in China – need I say more – and these demons wouldn’t allow return on a six pack!!!! As we sink further into debt, our miniscule resources are being eaten up with garbage from China. It came up when I said dog treats made in USA! – I just read an online warning from a “Dr. Becker” vet website that these cause kidney problems – DO NOT USE IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG
WillianRinggold, VA

Dogswell chicken and apple, banana, sweet potato treats

I’ve purchased the 3 types of treats thru Subscribe and Save. They are no longer supplied by Amazon and I am not surprised. You can still obtain them from other vendors on Amazon. Be aware they look nothing like the product pictured. The quality has deteriorated and is now poor at best. The apple treats are now nickel sized pieces of apple(more like little sponges)and the chicken strip around the apple is nearly black in color. It is beyond hard. Whats with this? The ingredients state this is supposed to be chicken breast! BEWARE-THESE TREATS ARE MADE IN CHINA!! I cringe to think what may have been substituted.

There was no notice by Amazon that these came from China-known for manufacturing deadly dog products. I would never have purchased them. I suggest you don’t either. My dog no longer eats them. I have nearly $100 of product. I can’t with a good conscience donate these to the animal shelter or even toss them out for the crows. Inquire as to the country of origin before you buy – “distributed by” doesn’t count. There are many other safe and healthy treats available and they proudly state ‘made in America’!

RobbyFrederiksted, VI

Do Not Buy

These are made in China (do not buy ANY pet food from China). Dogswell has been using propylene glycol to soften their treats (what are they thinkng?). Do not purchase or support this company in any way until they clean up their act. And for whatever reason Amazon doesn’t allow returns of this item, so I had to toss mine out. Bad business all around on this one.
GerryTheodosia, MO

My Dog Vomited them All Up

My dog, who can usually eat anything, vomited them up over a 24-hour period, and in fact is still vomiting. Dismayed to see that they are made in China. Wonder if there is a connection?
ShamikaHarleysville, PA

My dogs love ’em: update re dog sickness /made in China. Amazon should stop selling.

Updating my prior review from 2009 as my dog was very sick with a mystery illness last year with enlarged liver and kidney issues. I was heartsick as he was so ill. I spent several thousand dollars on vet care and testing. It never dawned on me it could have been these chews — I just realized that they were made in China and the brand is listed as one of those implicated according to this month’s Whole Dog Journal. Amazon should stop selling These until the manufacturer stops using their China plant.
JoseRosebud, TX