Dogswell Vitality Jerky Bars Dog Treats, Chicken and Veggies, 15-Ounce Package

Wholesome treats with an innovative texture and a healthy blend of vegetables for balanced nutrition. Made with premium ingredients and no processed gluten, soy, corn, wheat, flout or other preservatives. Grain free and gluten free formula.

Quick facts

  • 15 oz package
  • Premium chicken is the number one ingredient as well as combining fruits and vegetables for a balanced, grain-free jerky treat
  • Omega fatty acids to help keep skin healthy and promote a glossy, beautiful coat, and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help maintain a healthy immune system

Top reviews

dogs come running!

As I dog trainer, getting a dog to come when called can be challenging, but these are my ‘secret weapon’ in the war of ‘coming when called’!! Dogs come running! These are definitely staying in my dog training ‘toolkit’.
MichelinaDelta, OH

My dog loves these treats!

‘Nuff said. My dog LOVES these treats. They’re healthy for her, and she can’t get enough of them. She loves them so much that I can use them as a distraction/enticement to get her attention when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be. I don’t have anything bad to say about these treats – they keep my dog happy, obedient, and asking for more!
ChelseyHomer, OH

Favorite Treat

I never see my dogs get as excited as they do about these treats. All dogs love treats, but they have a whole other level of excited reserved for when I open this bag. It’s also really important to me that it doesn’t have any grains or filler. All of the ingredients are simple words like “blueberries” and “chicken” or they’re vitamins that dogs would normally get from eating bones. My puppies have fairly tender stomachs, and I love that these treats don’t upset them.


– The puppies love them, they go crazy whenever I open the bag

– Simple ingredients that puppies would eat in the wild

– Takes them a minute or two to chew through it. This isn’t a treat that they just gobble down and it’s gone

– Great as a big reward like when they’ve pottied on the paper

– Not covered in grease or weird fats that my puppy doesn’t need

– Smells good, not like I’d eat it, but unlike some dog treats that get gross smelling grease all over you these smell fresh and wholesome


– Can’t use it as a quick reward. It takes them too long to eat, and you can’t break it up apart. I still have to use kibble in training sessions

– They always seem to be a little on the pricey side

ToddGapville, KY