Dolcetto All Natural Wafer Rolls, Double Chocolate, 12 Ounce

Delicately rolled European-style wafers that are crispy on the outside and filled with creamy, molten chocolate. The perfect complement to coffee, hot cocoa or ice cream.

Quick facts

  • Elegantly packaged as a gift set for any time of the year, not just the holidays

Top reviews

All of them came broken!!!

I bought six can of these wafers and all the wafers were smashed!!!, what a pity!. It is most the cost to return them, that I just put them on the trash. AMAZON SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL WHEN SELLING and PACKING THIS TYPE OF ITEM, THIS ARE VERY FRAGIL, SO WHEN I OPENED THE BOX THEY WERE NOT WELL PACKED. I am so disappointed because I wasted my money.
RachaelQuogue, NY