DoMatcha Green Tea, Organic Summer Harvest Matcha, 2.82oz Tin

Domatcha Organic Summer Harvest Matcha is 100% authentic Japanese Matcha, directly from the uji region in Japan where Matcha originated 800 years ago. Our Organic Summer Harvest Matcha is harvested in August each year. The leaves are shade-grown and only the finest top leaves are chosen. Compared to the leaves picked in the first flush of spring these leaves are more ‘mature’ and have a slightly more astringent flavor. Organic Summer Harvest Matcha is ideal for lattes, blender drinks, frappes and smoothies. Approximately 70 servings per 2.8 oz tin. The DoMatcha Organic Summer Harvest is very high in catechins, especially those extremely powerful antioxidants called egcgs. Use one half to one teaspoon per serving. JONA and JAS organic certified.

Quick facts

  • Net weight 2.8-ounces
  • Ideal for blended matcha beverages
  • Ancient Japanese green tea
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Do Matcha Matcha Want

I recently bought this tea after becoming a vegan. I head all the added benefits of this tea, however, when I tried it I didn’t feel much different. I believe I am already receiving all the benefits I could possibly see from this tea from my vegan diet, hence why I didn’t feel much change. But my coworker tried some and absolutely loved it, and seen all the added benefits immediately.

I of course will continue to enjoy this tea because I bought it and SHIESK! Its quite pricey! But I don’t believe I will be splurging on this as much in the future, based off my current eating habits.

ALSO!!! Here’s a great tip to all those who do purchase this. I expected the tea to be inside the tin case. When I opened it there was a bag inside. LEAVE THE TEA INSIDE THE BAG!!!! I poured the bag into the tin for easier access but it made a huge mess and I winded up wasting quite a bit. And this stuff is extremely messy to clean up. It stained my fingers and desk green.

Also, the can is not air tight, so it will come pouring out even with the lid closed.

Yea yea, ….ha ha, ….everyone point and laugh at me.

I hope you can all learn from my mistake.

MarkettaPercival, IA

great smooth clean matcha tea but what will the Amazon price be?

This morning I reviewed 2 ORGANIC matcha teas, side by side:

1. The first one was: “2nd harvest Organic Domatcha” tea that I purchased at a local farmer’s market, and I paid $37.99 for this 2.82 oz tin. Result = 4.5 stars (greatest taste and foam, organic, very expensive)

2, The second one was “SerendipiTea matcha culinary grade organic green tea” which I ordered on, paying only $17.99 for a whopping 4 oz. bag. (twice as much for half the price). Result = 5 stars (great taste, good foam, organic, terrific cost)

**NOTE: see another review of SerendipiTea by me, beside 2 other brands. It won in that review as well.

I made the 2 cups identically, using soymilk and water 50/50, using the Blaney method (described below):

“Blaney” Method for making Green Tea Latte:
You need 2 small sauce pans on a gas stovetop, latte foamer device, bamboo whisk, soymilk, water, teaspoon measure, ½ cup measuare, and matcha powder. (many prefer sweetener and I suggest Agave syrup but I did not use it in this test since I enjoy the pure unsweetened tea flavor. Cheaper teas may require the sweetener to mask any fishy tastes, but not these two high quality brands.)

1. Using the latte foamer device, please foam 1/2 cup (cold or tepid) soymilk, then heat it gently while stirring (this personal “Blaney” method of mine makes the best foam)
2. heat 1/2 cup water (in separate pan) til boiling
3. add 1 level tsp matcha to 1/2 c. heated water and wisk with bamboo wisk about 30 seconds in zig zag motion until matcha powder is dissolved
4. add the heated, foamed soymilk to the matcha/water blend
5. pour this mix into latte device, pump 20 or so times, then pour entire foamed mixture into large mug.

For this test I made the two teas simultaneously so the `foamed’ structure would be nearly identical (one is supposed to drink the latte immediately before the foam dissipates). I did, however, rinse the items with filtered water before pumping the second tea, so as to not to contaminate #2 with #1.

For photo of the 2 teas and boxes, see: […]

>>>Taste and texture:
DoMatcha won for a (very slightly, barely noticeable) cleaner taste, and better ‘foam’. However, the SerendipiTea was still very yummy. I have the most sensitive taste buds on earth (other than my son) and I detected a very mild “ocean” taste with the Serindipitea, but I attribute that to the fact that my SerindipiTea had been opened a week prior. The DoMatcha had only been opened the day before. Newly opened teas always taste best. I would love to repeat this test in the future with two newly opened teas so that oxygen exposure won’t be a variable as it was here.
Well, the DoMatcha 2nd harvest organic costs 4 times more, and is only ever-so-slightly better, and if I re-test with two new, unopened packages, who knows? Maybe they will be the same.

I am giving the SerendipiTea organic 5 stars for being such a cost bargain, being organic, and tasting so great… and I am giving the DoMatcha 4.5 stars for also being organic and tasting great, even fantastic, but being such a high cost.

Carol Blaney, Ph.D.

KatiaPetroleum, IN

Do I really have to do this? No, I don’t…

Goodness this the best powerfed green tea ever. I am in love with Matcha. I love morning now just because I will be abel to experiece Japan from home!! Yummy! Get it you will not regret it! Oh, only use very little. Doesn’t need so much powder in it. Enjoy!
MaribethRiesel, TX

My Winning Matcha!

I’ve tried quite a few different types of Matcha in the last few months and this one is my favorite! I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur or anything but to me this one has the best flavor and price combination. I tried the SerendipiTea Matcha and I just couldn’t get past the bitter taste… no matter how cheap it was. True this one is pricier but its cheaper than the DoMatcha first harvest (taking into account that this is a 2.82 ounce tin and the first harvest comes in a 1.08 ounce tin) and tastes just as good. Basically it has all the elements I’m looking for: smooth taste, organic, and at least a little cheaper than some of the other options.
ShermanWalpole, MA

Brilliant green! Worthy substitute for more expensive 1 ounce tins…

I felt like I was taking a leap of faith when I decided to try this. I have been a long time buyer of Eden Organic Matcha, but it was just getting too expensive for me to drink daily using 1/2 to 1 tsp per day. The first replacement I tried out was a “culinary” grade tea by SerendipiTea. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but figured I would at least be able to put it into smoothies if I totally hated it. I totally hated it. The Eden Matcha was a beautiful, vibrant green while the SerendipiTea was almost brown. Blech. And the flavor….I couldn’t even handle it in a smoothie, it tasted like dirt and made everything I put the tea in taste like dirt. I was a little gun shy after that because Matcha is just so expensive and very difficult to find organically grown. The DoMatcha seemed to be my only other option. I am glad I finally took the plunge because it is a good substitute for the Eden brand. I get almost three ounces for a similar price as 1 ounce of Eden. I was happy as soon as I opened the bag inside the tin….the powder is a gorgeous emerald color. It doesn’t taste quite as good as the Eden (a bit more pungent and grassy), but it is good and I feel the same sense of vitality and cleansing I got from the Eden tea. I am a happy camper.

NOTE: I do not prepare and drink this Matcha in a traditional way. While I love green tea (and tea of all kinds), I drink Matcha specifically for the health benefits of consuming the whole tea leaf and don’t muck around with water of a specific temperature and bamboo whisks. I add 1/2 tsp to cool water first thing in the morning in a shaker cup and shake vigorously. To me it is a lovely, frothy way to start my day. I also put a bit in my smoothies.

MaryjaneColburn, ID

Gives Me More Energy, Mental Clarity and Stamina

The very first time I drank Matcha tea, it made such a huge transformation in how I felt that I haven’t let myself be without it since. That’s been about a year ago.

I’ve tried one other brand–from Colorado, a gift from my sister–also the 1st Harvest Organic and 2nd Harvest non-organic in this DoMatcha brand, through Amazon. I like the DoMatcha brand best, with the flavor and effect of the 1st Harvest Organic being my favorite. It’s the Ceremonial grade made from younger leaves. It’s the most expensive, though, and costs too much for regular use in my case.

The flavor is secondary for me. The main reason I drink Matcha is that it has helped greatly with the mental fog, extreme lack of energy, and difficulty functioning and handling stress that I was experiencing.

This 2nd Harvest Organic does the trick pretty well, and is an acceptable balance between expense, flavor, and beneficial effects. I look forward to having a cup after breakfast every morning and enjoy the flavor, but truthfully, I wouldn’t care what it tastes like. ;D

TierraHillsdale, OK

strong stuff

This is about the most potent green tea motcha I have tried and I have tried quite a few, The reason I know this is best is that I have pollen allergies and green tea is an anti allergen and works for me. Out of all the powder green teas I have tried during allergy season this brand has the best allergy suppressing affects of all which means it has the highest egcg content of them all. egcg is the primary anti allergen in green tea.
ShainaCoolspring, PA

Wow! 1st Matcha Experience was a Great One!

I’ve been reading about Matcha and it’s health benefits. I’m a coffee drinker and wasn’t sure if this option would work for me… This tea is delicious! There is not one hint of bitterness and it mixes up like a dream. I actually wake up want my DoMatcha rather than coffee! I feel great and have noticed a difference in my skin. I was thinking that this was a “trial” matcha – but I got it right on the 1st try! (I really like this with a 1/2 packet of ideal sweetener.)
RafaelaChallis, ID

2nd Harvest organic variety – tastes just like the regular organic matcha

Started drinking the DoMatcha organic variety around 2008. I thought the DoMatcha organic 2nd Harvest variety would be bitter or inferior/flat tasting since you get more for your money ounce for ounce. Finally tried the 2nd Harvest variety a few months ago and I cannot tell the difference; it is just as smooth and flavorful as the more expensive (ounce for ounce) regular DoMatcha organic matcha.
IsabellaLindsey, OH

DoMatcha Green Tea

I’ve tried many varieties of green teas — including various matcha teas — and this is the best that I’ve found. Some people drink it for its health benefits. I drink it for the taste — no added sweetener needed. Its very smooth, pleasant taste blends well with instant ginger cystals (I use the brand from Prince of Peace).
AdrieneSheffield, VT

Excellent Value AND Organic

My friend turned me onto matcha last year and since then it has been a regular part of my healthy lifestyle. It can be quite expensive. By ordering this organic 2nd harvest 2.82 size and having it sent automatically each month (let’s me save 15%) I feel I am getting an excellent value, especially since this is organic tea. I whisk with hot water to enjoy in the traditional way, or I add it too my smoothies. Also makes great green tea latte and can be added to an eggnog for the more adventurous. Even mixed into plain Greek yogurt w/ a bit of sweetener like molasses is nice.
JericaSan Bruno, CA

green tea

this is an excellent tea. just one cup of this product equal 10 cups of regular green tea. matcha tea uses the whole tea leaf in manufacturing.
LeonorWheatland, IA

Perfection in a cup!

I have bought this product regularly for about two years now and it is very calming and satisfying. One can lasts about six months with me drinking one bowl a day, on most days. I suggest it for anyone who loves tea. Don’t forget to refrigerate it after opening for freshness!
AlbinaElrod, AL

Excellent for Green Smoothies

Do Matcha Organic Green Tea powder is perfect for my green smoothies. I use a 1/2 tablespoon, along with Vega Protein Powder. The smell and taste of the green tea is very clean, a nice “green tea” flavor-not bitter or chalky or heavy tasting. I’ve used the organic green tea for a year now, it’s better than any other cheaper powder…you get what you pay for! The only minor down side is that, being a powder, it’s a little tricky getting the foil bag opened without the powder ending up all over you and the floor! You won’t be disappointed!
LeandroSutton, WV


It has been a week and I like this product. After researching online with different products, I decided on this brand. I take it twice a day and I brew mines cold as an ice tea. What I notice out of everything is that I get a good cleanse when drinking the tea by being regular. I also notice a different in my metabolism.
ShanteHarlan, IA

Do Matcha Tea

I am very happy with this product and enjoy a cup or two every day. The quality of the tea is great and ordering it through Amazon was cheaper than Whole Foods which is the only other place that I’ve found this product.
AlmedaRavia, OK

Excellent product, but expensive due to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. I expect the price to go back down in a few years.

Awesome packaging, I just wish, for the price, it came with a small measuring spoon. But, oh well. All in all, great product, I use it with my protein shakes. I am addicted to green colors and this product gives me a sense of health and joy. I wish the market didn’t skyrocket for Matcha though….Dang Fukushima Daiichi disaster…. All in all, buy…..Its worth it. Also, you can use Matcha as a facemask! Excellent vitamin properties.
FrancisTimpson, TX

I love this matcha

I have always been a matcha fan, but this one in particular is one of my obsessions. The other reviews do a great job of going into detail about the flavor profile of this stuff. All I have to say is it gives me clarity and clean energy that blows a coffee buzz out of the water. It makes me feel healthy and alert at the same time. I use the traditional whisk and add in a little agave if I want it sweeter. Also, sometimes if I want a creamy treat, I’ll heat up some soy milk and use the whisk to make it foamy and creamy and pour it on top for a latte. The fact that its organic is a big bonus too!!! I’m not a big fan of the packaging because I feel like the canister doesn’t create an ideal seal. And I’m afraid to dump the bag out into the canister since I know I’ll make a huge mess and waste precious matcha. I basically wake up excited knowing a hot cup of matcha is in my near future! lol…
KayleenBidwell, OH

Smoothest Green Tea Ever

I love this tea as I was introduced it a tasting in an organic market. It’s wonderful and so smooth. For anyone who thinks they don’t like green tea, please try it, you will love it.
UlrikeWinnetka, IL

Ditto to everything Richardson said

Best combination of price and taste, plus it’s organic. Matcha tea can be very expensive, but this stuff is high quality and a reasonable price. Two thumbs up, very highly recommended!
GenevieveCenterville, NY


Taste great, fresh and vibrant. Have it on subscribe and save. IMHO, the best quality matcha I’ve tried so far on Amazon.
MargetOlmsted, IL

First time user

Do not know a lot about this type of tea, so couldn’t compare it to other brands. I can say the product is rather strong tasting, but not unpleasantly so. Since a portion is pretty small, that is not much of a problem anyway. I purchased it after reading about its many health benefits. It does open my eyes in the morning, so the caffeine in it is really nice. As recommended by others, I keep it in the refrigerator inside the tin, in its original package, and it’s kept fresh-tasting for a couple of weeks now. The color is very bright green, and it does taste healthy–hopefully, it is.
FernandoAnsted, WV