DOMINO SUGAR PACKETS – 100/ 3.54g Packs

Domino Sugar Packets Pack of 1

Quick facts

  • You will receive (1) package of Domino Sugar Packets (3.54g) containing (100) packets

Top reviews

Watch for leaks

I use these as a more sanitary source of coffee sugar at work, as opposed to the large round shared container with everyone sticking their hands down into the sugar to dig for the spoon. My first 100 pack was fine but the second had around 5 empty packets which had opened and leaked all over the inside of the box. It looks like the top flap of the packet is supposed to be folded down as a secondary seal but all 100 in this box were not (probably a manufacturing equipment glitch), and it doesn’t take much for the primary adhesive seal to come undone. If buying these at the store, first tilt the box around and verify that no sugar leaks out.
RachalGuffey, CO