Donut Shop Coffee Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut Iced Coffee K-Cups

Before coffee was complicated, great coffee was simply fresh, bold, and flavorful. Donut Shop brings back the classic donut companion with this ideally balanced brew of the highest quality Arabica beans. These Sweet & Creamy K-Cup packs have everything you need to create a perfectly brewed, perfectly sweetened, perfectly creamy iced coffee. Just pop one in your Keurig brewer, brew over ice using the 6-ounce setting, and enjoy!

Quick facts

  • Craveable, raveable, roasty and toasty. A sweet ode to joy on ice.
  • 66 K-Cups

Top reviews

Watery, sugary flavor. Disappointing

I was very excited to try this product but what a disappointment!. Very weak watery coffee flavor. And also much too sweet. Wouldn’t buy this product again.
DeanFord, KS

Surprise! I love it!

Ordinarily I do not drink sweet coffee, and all the iced k-cups I’ve tried have been gooey and bitter. I tried this one when Green Mountain had a special, and now I’m ordering more for my daughter! It is very sweet, and makes a relatively small amount (the “iced” setting on my Cuisinart brewer is sends only 4 ozs. over the ice, and I wouldn’t recommend more than 5-6 cubes in the glass). But brewed that way you get a refreshing, sweet, nutty drink. It’s really rather strong this way, and has a surprising caffeine kick, which I don’t get from my hot hazelnut brew. With record-breaking temps in Atlanta this year, it’s a welcomed treat!
ChrystalTebbetts, MO