Doodle Gum, 20 gram container, Container colors may vary,


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Cool party favor!

I ordered these not knowing exactly what they were: there’s no picture or description at Amazon, and google wasn’t helping. But at the price I thought I’d take a chance 😀

These are 12 individually wrapped plastic containers. Each has a chain attached (so can be used as a key chain), and a round lid with a “doodle” on it. All 12 in our assortment were different, but all of them were cute. A couple had monsters that would appeal to boys (and since we got them for Halloween giveaways, they tie in nicely!).

Inside each container there’s about 20 pieces of gum, different colors (white, yellow, red, green, orange and blue) and different flavors. The pieces are smaller, so you’d probably want to have 2 at a time. The flavors are ok, but don’t last super long.

My kids (10 and 6) were very excited to try this product and said that it’s “the coolest gum ever”, and it would be an awesome addition to a goodie bag.

The gum I received (10/1/2011) appeared very fresh, but did not have an expiration date stamped on the containers. It is NOT sugar free. It’s made in Canada, and the containers have something stamped in Hebrew, so the containers might be made in Israel. (It’s a rare thing nowadays to find something this inexpensive NOT made in China).

Overall, we are happy with the product and delivery (only took one day to get here!)

AleenBloomfield, CT