Dora3 Croissant with Custard Filling 300g/10.6oz

Coffee and a sweet pastry is usually what a standard Italian breakfast consists of. Walk into almost any coffee bar in Italy and you will usually see many enjoying an Italian croissant pastry or most often referred to in Italy as a “cornetto”. Nicola Antonelli has been preparing sweet Italian pastries since 1957 and to this day has been meticulous and stubborn about the quality of the ingredients of each pastry coming out of his shop. This delicious croissant is filled with a generous portion of custard cream and will be the perfect Italian side with your coffee in the morning or evening.

Quick facts

  • Filled with custard.
  • Oven baked naturally leavened product.
  • Made in Italy.

Top reviews


You might as well save your money on this product. I had been looking forward to receiving this so much, but wound up so disappointed. First of all, the product looks nothing like the picture shown on the packaging. It is not a croissant as we know it; it looks more like an ordinary roll and VERY small at that! What made it worse, is that as I was eating it, I kept wondering WHERE the creamy custard filling was. It wasn’t until I reached almost the end, that I got it! Yes, the filling is delicious, but if they put in more than HALF a tsp. of it, I’d be surprised.
Another point to consider…why do they charge over $8.00 to ship this product, when it’s as light as a feather? Please consider the product itself only costs $4.49!!!! I’ve never written a review before, but am feeling so outraged by this, that I felt I had to warn others.
LacreshaYorba Linda, CA