Doritos Flamas Flavored Tortilla Chips, 2.125 Oz Bags

Doritos brand tortilla chips deliver a powerful crunch that unlocks the bold and unique flavors you crave. The Doritos brand is constantly creating new ways to give you immersive and memorable experiences, to put you in control of the things you love most. Check out Snack Strong Productions at

Quick facts

  • 2.125 oz Bags
  • Pack of 28 bags
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • No Gluten Ingredients
  • Pig (Porcine) Free

Top reviews

yummy hot

Hot and tastey. I eat hot stuff all the time and these are the hottest chips i’ve ever had and i love the hint of lime
LaniCutchogue, NY


Enjoyable taste. Sometimes i can eat between 6 to 8 bags in one setting. Seriously and the title doesn’t do the chip any justice. So I suggest you try it if you like hot chips.
LeotaEmmett, ID