Dorset Super Cranberry, Cherry & Almond Cereal, 18.01-Ounce Boxes

Dorset super cranberry, cherry and almond cereal. An exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with chilean flame raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds and toasted cereals. Manufactured in England by Dorset Cereals.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 19-ounce box (total of 38 ounces)
  • Good source of fiber
  • UK Vegetarian Society approved
  • No added preservative; Kosher

Top reviews

High-impact berry flavor

I love all varieties Dorset Cereals, which are quite simply the best mueslis I have ever eaten. This mix is no exception. What sets this variety apart is the cranberries, which give the cereal a strong tangy overtone. The cherries and cranberries are relatively small in the ingredient mix but are big on the overall flavor.

With 50% total fruits, nuts and seeds, this is a dense, high-flavor muesli with no added sugars. It is not my favorite variety among Dorset Cereals, since I generally prefer nutty mueslis to highly fruity ones. I actually prefer the Simply Delicious variety, which has just 30% fruits, nuts and seeds and a more earthy flavor. But all varieties of Dorset Cereals have a spot on my shopping list, and this one makes for a welcome change of pace.

Highly recommended! You can’t go wrong with a Dorset Cereals products, and if you prefer a strongly fruity muesli, you will absolutely love this one.

AmeeGrandview, TX

Tasty, healthy, crunchy breakfast cereal. A fave

We regularly have different Dorset Cereals for breakfast and can thoroughly recommend the brand. They make really top-quality muesli and cereals which achieve the difficult trick of being tasty and nutritious. The levels of added sugars and salt are kept to a minimum; Dorset Cereals tend to get their flavour by including high proportions of fruit, nuts and seeds.
(A word of caution, however! This does mean that they contain a reasonable level of fats and sugars, but in natural forms rather than processed artificial types. So the calorie count can be quite high, if you are watching your weight BUT this is offset by the low glycaemic impact of the food. Dorset Cereals tend to take quite a while to digest, can be very filling, and leave you feeling satisfied for a long time. You just need to watch the portion size…)
This variety is a really tasty one; I adore the more fruity flavours and you can really taste the cranberries and cherries even though there’s only a small amount of them in the recipe. The flame raisins are in a lot of Dorset Cereals and add to the overall chewyness and the different types of flakes mean that each spoonful is interestingly varied.
This cereal is around 7% fiber, 10% protein and 63% carbohydrate overall. It’s naturally quite juicy – unlike some mueslis which can be really dry and dusty – and the fruit makes it very tasty, so you don’t get bored by the end of the box.
One of our favourite flavours.
ReinaMount Royal, NJ

Just the best cereals

Buying cereal online as there is so much choice in the stores? Yes, Dorset cereals are just worth it, and until now I did not find any brand that comes close to them, in quality and taste.
JodeeBarrackville, WV

Delicious Cereal

Highly recommend any of the Dorset Cereal products. My wife loves this one while I prefer the 50% fruit (Cherries and Berries) version. Any and all are a great way to start your day on a positive and healthy note. Delicious with Almond or Soy milk.

If you are a “Prime{ member – you will be purchasing this cereal below natural food store prices!

ChantalTippo, MS

Dorset cereal

I enjoy this product and am happy I found it on Amazon at a fantastic price and get automatic shipments
LarhondaSardis, TN

This HAS to be good for you!!

This is about the nicest, healthiest, nommiest cereal I’ve ever eaten. It looks and tastes exactly like what’s in it. Grains, dried fruit. It’s totally NOM. I bought a box at a local discount store, because I had read about where it’s made in National Geographic (Poundsbury), and it looked pretty good…. NOM. Now I’m on subscribe and save for this and I’m always looking forward to my next shipment. Amazing with milk or yogurt.
WillettaMalden On Hudson, NY

Dorset Super Cranberry Cherry & Almond Cereal

I love this cereal, and I can’t get it many places. I mix it with plain yogurt and leave it overnight, and it makes a healthy, guilt-free treat for me. It’s great to get free shipping, too.
MarryMesa, ID

Best Cereal ever

We had this cereal at a friends’ house and we fell in love. Now it is the only cereal at our house. It has a good balanced of quality grain, seeds and fruit. It is perfect and healthy. It is quite filling too.

The price on Amazon is much better than wholefoods, and the shipping is fast. Highly recommend!

DenitaSocorro, NM