Dos Anclas Sal Parrillera – Grilling and Barbecue Salt

Argentina is known around the globe for its asado, or barbecue, and ‘sal parrillera’ is an essential ingredient for Argentinian-style barbecued meats and seafood. Made with refined rock salt, this barbecue salt’s unique medium-sized grains are perfect for meats and seafood on the grill or in the oven. Produced in Argentina by Dos Anclas, this salt is wonderful as a seasoning for beef, pork or poultry as well as fish and shellfish. Sometimes simple is best and the only seasoning a good piece of meat needs is a little salt. Sprinkle or rub this salt on meats or fish prior to grilling. Let the meat rest for a few minutes so that the salt will begin to dissolve and tenderize the meat.

Quick facts

  • Medium grain salt crystals
  • Made with refined rock salt
  • Use on the grill with meats and seafood
  • 26.5 oz/750 g

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The best

Service was amazing and if you grill you gotta get this product, seriously the best on the market. Love it
KirbyCalverton, VA