Double Double Chocolate Loose Leaf Black Tea – Chocolate and more….-2 oz.

Sweet treats for the Soul. The aroma of this tea fills your senses with chocolate and a moment of silence. You almost feel the white beaches and sweet music or a snow day and roaring fire. You are transported.. just by a sweet cup of tea.

Quick facts

  • 2 oz. = 25=30 cups . 33 a cup
  • Our Wedding tea, serve with cake very popular
  • Great 4 o’clock pick me up at work and great way to get chocolate fix.
  • Drop the chocolate bar, drink tea lose weight!
  • Make the tea, froth the milk – a Chocolate Latte…

Top reviews

Absolutlely the best chocolate tea I have ever tasted!

All of my Serenity House Teas arrived today and they couldn’t have arrived on a better day: I had to have a 3 hour MRI and my back was terribly sore, it was miserable outside weather wise, cold, rainy, dark and dreary. When I opened the box, the very first tea I came upon was the Double Double Chocolate. I made a pot in my new Breville Automatic Tea Maker which has a automatic infuser basket which is wonderful for making the perfect pot of tea.

I could smell the chocolate flavor filling the kitchen from the “Double Double Chocolate leaves.” In fact when I opened the factory sealed bag from Serenity House the aroma of the chocolate tea leaves was so aromatic it was heavenly!

When I poured the cup I thought I would need to add sugar but decided to take a sip first and I was glad I did! The tea was perfect! The chocolate flavor was out of this world!

This is the perfect tea for anytime but especially when you may be feeling a little down, or you might have the need to lift someone’s spirits as a gift, or a pick me up, or for that
special time when you want to tell someone “you care” or as a “get well present” to the chocolate lover in your life.

I highly recommend this tea!

I did buy 7 or 8 other teas from this vendor and I must say that I was highly impressed by the speed of shipment, the packaging, the way the teas were wrapped and the care they took to individualize my shipment. I am very delighted with the service I received and I know I will be ordering again!

By the way, the labeling on the Serenity House teas are perfect! There are instructions on the front and very clear instructions on the back as well. Unlike other teas that you order online from other vendors, Serenity House takes all the guess work out of how to make the perfect cup of tea!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

MalkaRamah, NM