Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Whole Beans Coffee, 8.8-Ounce Packages

Douwe Egberts coffee is one of the most popular in Europe. Aroma Rood is a fragrant, full body and spicy coffee. It is a composition of powerful Robusta and aromatic Arabica coffee beans

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A very good brand.

DE is a very good coffee. I ordered this as my father-in-law raved about it, and the whole bean aroma rood is indeed a good coffee. It tastes like a medium coffee with a particular spice feel to it. Very unique and very tasty. I tend to make my coffee very bold even if it is a ‘medium’ coffee, and even bold this is up there with some of my favorite coffees.

If you are a coffee fan, this is worth a shot, pun intended.


SanaCotton Valley, LA


I drank this coffee over 30 years ago when I lived in The Netherlands. So glad that I can get it through Amazon. Strong, full bodied but easy on the tummy!!!
CharlineIndian Wells, AZ

Best coffee!

If you have a coffee grinder, this is the best coffee, I would highly recommend it! The taste and aroma remind me of sitting in a cafe in Holland, relaxing and watching the passersby…
IngeborgStephens, AR

nice, medium brew

This is a very good, medium-roast, medium-bodied coffee. Brew it directly after grinding the bean to capture the most flavor.
MarjoryBurkesville, KY