Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture, 22 Ounce Bottles

Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture® features 100% natural moisturizers that can absorb completely to nourish skin deep down. Plus, an improved formula gives your skin the proven best care: our gentlest cleansers ever, a rich lather and a clean rinse to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 22-ounce bottles of Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture
  • New and improved formula gives your skin proven best care.
  • Features 100% natural moisturizers that absorb completely to nourish skin deep down.
  • Dove’s gentlest cleansers ever.
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Beware – contains fragrance

This product gave me a horrible rash. It contains both soybean oil and fragrance which are allergens. They need to list allergens.
SamiraRocklin, CA

Great product…lousey bottle design

I love the product. But, the bottle design is terrible. In order to get the last 1/3 or so of the body wash out of the bottle in a timely manner you would normally store the bottle upside down. With the pointy top that is impossible. So, you must stand in the shower the try to shake the remaining product the length of the bottle to squirt it out. This takes much more time that you’ll want it to take. Redesign the bottle with a flat top…please.
FranOcean Park, WA


I will never understand the soaps from mainstream, and sometimes otherwise great brands, who claim to have a line of “sensitive skin” products which still contain Sodium Lauryl or Laureth (as in this case) Sulfate. If you’re someone who needs sensitive skin products there’s a more than decent chance that you also need stuff without SLS. Boo. Refer to their bar soap, which is wonderful.
LesterClinton, IA

fast delivery

Needed the soap b-4 weekend. Ordered on Thurs and paid the extra next day shipping (even though I’m Prime) because no delivery here on Sat). Stuff came s promised on Friday and in good package. The price of the soap, like lots of other stuff nowadays on Amazon, was higher than local stores so ck prices first. Amazon aint the lowest, usually, anymore.
MarietteBurlington, TX

Good for dry skin

If you have dry skin, give this a try. A doctor recommended I try this when I complained of itchy skin due to dryness. It’s definitely more moisturizing than the bar soaps I used to use.

As someone already mentioned, the packaging design is horrible. I used to keep almost empty bottles propped upside-down in my shower caddy, but then decided to use a pump bottle instead, which I refill.

Dove –
If you’re reading this, please redesign these bottles so that they are more user-friendly. In Japan, you sell liquid Dove soap in pump bottles, and you even sell refills packaged in plastic bag, which are far more eco-friendly and less expensive. Please consider doing the same for the North American market.

KellyRanger, TX


Yeah, I’m a guy. Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I can’t want smooth, hydrated skin. I bought this stuff on a whim. I love it! The scent is light, so as not to overpower. And it does make you feel a little cooler, as well as hydrated. I am no longer dry and itchy after a shower! I combined this stuff with a bodyscrub brush…WOW!
CaroylnMassapequa, NY

I’m a man. I love this stuff.

I’m a guy with hairy arms and hairy legs. Until I found this stuff, I was using various other body washes with my loofah. I always felt like I could never get enough suds and that the application seemed rough and difficult to quickly spread the body wash all over. Since I started using this stuff (for a few years now), I haven’t looked back. This stuff is nice and soft and can create a decent amount of suds with somewhat minimal amounts of application on the loofah. It goes on smooth and ends up making my skin nice and smooth. And it rinses off nice, without leaving my skin rough. It works well, has a nice subtle smell, and I won’t use anything else.
LilaLanoka Harbor, NJ

On time product

I ordered personal items for the first time from Amazon and I was very satisfied. The product came shipped securely and the description of the product matched perfectly. I will order again going forward. Amazon has not disappointed yet. I love the DOVE Body Wash! It smells very fresh and clean and really keeps the skin moisturized well. I have combination skin.
RodrickEnsenada, PR

Great Price

This was a great bargain, worked out cheaper than if I had purchased them at a wholesale discount store plus it was elegible for free shipment…BONUS
LienGreenwood, TX

Great Body Wash

My wife uses this and she has no complains. It makes her smell nice and clean and it foams well. great moisturizer inside. I personally don’t care for it because it feels slimy on my skin after use. I guess that is the moisturizer working. Very good smell though.
NeelySalina, UT


I just started using this product so I think it is too soon to rate; however, the order arrived very quickly.
RuthaLarimer, PA

Thick body wash that lathers easily–sometimes I use it for bubble bath (Deep Moisture)

High quality body wash that is very thick and lathers quickly and easily. It has a very pleasant, flowery smell that lasts for hours after you get out of the shower. You only have to use a small amount about the size of a quarter to last your entire shower. So even though the product is expensive, you will get a lot of use out of it. It seems that the cheaper, dollar a bottle kind I sometimes use only lasts a week or 2 because I have to use more of the product to last throughout a shower.

I would say the smell lasts for around 6 hours or so so it’s almost like perfume. My sister-in-law asked me yesterday, “You always smell so good. What do you wear?” I wasn’t wearing any perfume of any kind at the time because it was very early in the morning before I had done my morning routine and I had to run something over there to her. I told her that it must just be the body wash. If you have ever used Dove shampoo or conditioners, it is almost the same smell.

I am looking forward to trying the cucumber/green tea kind when I run out of these 4 bottles. I would totally recommend this for yourself or for any woman in your life: aunt, mother, girlfriend, wife. I know many women who would never buy this Dove product because they always choose their children and families over themselves, ie buying themselves whatever is cheapest. I intend on buying some of this for my mom and aunt to maybe put in a gift basket or care package for them.

I also use this as bubble bath when I take a nice hot bath. Excellent product. A+ from me.

WinnieRye, NH

Love Love

I love this body wash. It leaves my skin feeling very soft. It’s not greasy either. Worth the extra money to buy the real stuff.
EmeldaCedar Springs, MI

Great Product!

Great product and great scheduled deliveries. I get it for my youngest son, who lives in a group home. Not sure what they do with it all, but at least he’s clean!
NataliaMedina, WI

Ms Roxy

Very pleased this stuff smells so good. My roommies LOVE to sniff the shower after ive been in there. the first one got lost in the mail but customer service sent me a second one and upgraded to overnight delivery. So it gets 5 stars from me.
MarieFort Mcdowell, AZ

great buy

i bought this -4 pack of dove deep wash and three months later i am still using it.
i dont think i could use any other product.
ColletteMunds Park, AZ

Great product and value.

I LOVE this body wash! It smells nice, works great, and feels great on your skin. Add in the fact that with the Subscribe and Save deal, it is a great value, I’m sold!
TericaMetamora, IN

i’ve bought this before

yes, i have bought this before. i like the smell and detest the bottle design. i do agree with one of the reviewers that the Dove does sell their liquid soaps in pump form in Asian countries and sell the refills for them as well. i would like it if they have that… but i must make due with what i CAN get at this point in time.

i decided to redo the way i do my bath routine the way i currently do is so time consuming. it takes almost an hour to take a shower.
so i’m on amazon finding things to aid in my new innovated routine.

like i said before, i have bought this product in Walmart but only the single bottles or double bottles that happened to be on sale. i love the product it makes me feel soft and silky. the scent is pleasant. not over powering at all. light.

i don’t buy lotion, they’re often heavy and make me feel greasy or they feel weird on my skin. i am of the chocolate complexion so i tend to get extremely ashy because i don’t like the way i feel after putting on lotion, so i buy dove body wash, deep moisture. i get clean, moisturized and don’t feel greasy after i get out the shower.


i have solved the oddly shaped bottle problem, buy or find one lying around the house, a soap pump for hand soap.
i recommend the ones that have had hand soap in them as they are conditioned for everyday use and can hold a thicker capacity soap like this the manufacturer had the bottles made specifically for their product, their product is thick. i’ve read and heard that the ones you buy empty are for thin lotions and what not.

if you use an old soap bottle clean it out first and fill with the Dove soap, and use in the shower, if you can find a 24 oz bottle (maybe from one of doves hair pumps rinsed out,) they’re 25oz, big enough to fit all of it and strong enough for thick products such as this. (25oz eliminates the frustrating last bit at the bottom, anything smaller store the remaining in a drawer in the corner upside down so you can squeeze the rest in the bottle without fighting with it too much, by the time you get to that second half in the bottle it’ll be where you want it and you don’t come out the shower looking like you got into a fight with a Dove Soap Deep Moistruizing Body wash bottle… XD

ChetRunge, TX

Good Body Wash

Both my husband and I use this body wash. We both have dry skin and feels it does a really good job as a moisturizing body wash. It is a little pricey here, basically comparable to store prices (Walmart/Supermarket). I order for convenience, one less item I have to waste time at a store getting—with our busy lives it is needed so we tend to get many items from Amazon, mostly through the Subscribe and Save program.
ThelmaTravelers Rest, SC

Good price, great for stocking up!

Great for stocking up and keeping a few in the closet. I like to buy things in bulk and this was a good deal and smells good too.
JestineTuxedo, NC

moisturizing, skin softener, great smell

I use this product every time I shower and it is great. I usually get horribly dry skin in the winter but this along with Dove lotion keeps my skin soft and smooth! the smell is good, not overwhelming and you get ALOT of product, the bottle is HUGE. Very comparable to department store body washes (I have Kiehls, chanel, and Shiseido) except a lot more affordable.
CoyBoelus, NE