Dove Chocolate Milk


Quick facts

  • Dove milk Chocolate has an intoxicating scent, a glossy hue and a rich taste unsurpassed by other bars.
  • The perfect combination of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter
  • Dove has a balanced taste that is never too sweet or too bitter.
  • Dove milk Chocolate from the bean to bar, coupled with its special roasting and grinding.

Top reviews

The Best Milk Chocolate Outside of Belgium!

The Dove milk chocolate is the creamiest and finest chocolate I can get my hands on without going international. I discovered these bars about a month ago and they are just the right size (about 1.4 ounces each). The bars are large enough to satisfy a chocolate craving without being too much. If you only want a “taste” of chocolate, I recommend Dove Promises, but I love these. They truly do melt in your mouth and remember, chocolate is good for you! 🙂
KerryRutledge, TN