DR. HARVEY’S FINE HEALTH FOODS 550046 7-Ounce Sweet Potate Chew for Pets, Small

One Ingredient-No Chemicals – Sweet Potate’r Chews contain no preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavoring, or dyes

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Rexie loves these!!

I did check their website and it states all their products are made in USA. I was concerned when I didn’t see it on the package. Rexie loves these and knows enough to chew things until he has tiny bite sized pieces to swallow thankfully as I gather most chews have a choking risk. He looks better since he refused his commercial 4 and 5* dog kibble and canned foods. I am now giving him low fat filet mignon which is reasonably priced, sirloin, fat removed lamb chops and chicken breast skinless. He gets some supplements and nourishing chews. He is learning to eat vegetables slowly but surely. His coat is much softer and actually shimmers for the first time since we got him!
KazukoDoylestown, PA