Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties Freeze Dried Raw Green Tripe Treat for Dogs, 3-Ounce Bag

Power Patties are healthy freeze-dried raw green tripe treats for dogs. This is a treat that dogs cannot resist. Wait until you see how much you dog loves these exceptional treats. Power Patties are a single ingredient treat and contain no fillers.

Quick facts

  • Made in the USA
  • Best Training Treat Ever
  • Single Ingredient-No Fillers-Healthy for All Dogs
  • No Chemicals, Dyes, Preservatives, Fillers or Synthetic Ingredients
  • Favorite of Dog Trainers Everywhere

Top reviews

Ridiculously, immorally expensive dog treat

I could not believe my eyes when the dog treats arrived. I had not checked how much my $12 would buy, but there was 3 oz!!!! That brings the price per pound to over $60. Do I want to feed my dogs Kobi beef or Russian caviar? No. And I surely will never buy this again either. What a mistake. It baffles the mind that this product is in production. It seems immoral to waste resources to dry tribe, put it in plastic lined foil bags and ship it.
Yes, one of my dogs ate it, the other not. So save your money.
DagmarTownsend, MT

My dogs love these more than any treat

Power Patties are made from tripe and although humans may think they stink, DOGS GO CRAZY FOR THESE TREATS!. My cat rips open the bag and drops them down to my Great Dane who loves “his cat” for sharing.
Honestly, you have to try these to believe the reaction. I have never seen my animals react to any other treat like they do with Power Patties.
CoriWaldenburg, AR

highly nutritinal with little odor

Tripe is a necessary item in wolf diets and dogs highly benefit from the edition of this in their diet. This is an easy, clen way to feed tripe as a supplement to your regular dog food.
HannaWaterford, ME

My dog did not go wild over it but ate it eventually

My dog would not eat these at first and I almost gave up, but he finally ate a few tonight when I added warm water and a little bit of cooked bison to it. Then he ate a few pieces of it. I did not give it five stars becasue he was reluctant to eat it at first and it is overpriced.
EufemiaSaginaw, MO

saved my dog worth any price

I have a 10 month old poodle pome lasa mix,she was very ill when I got her at 10 weeks(maybe she came from a puppy mill}.I had to feed her with a syringe to get some nutrition in her,she got better but still had a huge problem eating.I tried every high quality brand out there, I even made homemade dog food.She would eat a little but not enough for a growing puppy.The Dr Harveys power patties are a life saver.I add one to her dog food and she will eat it all up.This was a dog who would turn her nose up at steak.I cant thank Dr Harvey enough.I tried other Tripe products and she didnt like them.Dr Harveys is the only one out there WITH NO ADDED INGREDIENTS just Tripe.In Europe dogs thrive on Tripe alone so I know if she just ate that she would be fine.This dog means everything to me and when I couldnt get her to eat I was devastated .The power patties have eased my mind and my dog is doing wonderfully.
MuoiHudson Falls, NY

Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties

My dogs enjoy these treats and they are pretty selective. I purchased these because I started them on Dr. Harvey’s dog food. They seem to be a healthy treat for dogs.
DomenicaHernando, FL

Tripe power patties

My dogs love these! I give them either as stand alone treats or crumble them as a topping over their dog food.
KeshiaPlainfield, MA

Great treat! My dog loves Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties.

My dog’s trainer at Unleashed by Petco, introduced us to Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties. It was love at first smell/bite. My 4 month old pup Aubrey, LOVED it! His first day of puppy class went very well, and I know that the power patties given to him as reward aided in his success. At first, I was not to thrilled to learn that the treat was raw tripe! Bacteria came to mind, and I was grossed out. Our trainer reassured me it was safe for dogs and explained all the health benefits. I was reluctant to pay so much for a dog treat (retails $12.95 on Dr. Harvey’s website to $19.99 at Unleashed by Petco), but after considering the benefits, my puppy’s delight for the treat and trainer recommendation, I purchased it for my dog.

The product comes in a resealable bag. The 3oz bag lasted me 2 months. I used it specifically for his weekly training (1 power patty/week). If you have a small dog, I recommend breaking the power patty into little pieces. Yes, it smells, but it’s not that bad. Your dog will love the smell!

I think it’s too early to say if the product lives up to it’s health claims. I do know that it aided my dog’s appetite after his neuter surgery. It was the first thing he allowed us to feed him. We tried his kibble, wet dog food, and Wellness puppy treats, and he refused them all. My family saw an instant improvement in his recovery. We were very happy to see that.

I decided to buy my 2nd Power Patties bag from Amazon, because it was sold out at my local store. It’s only sold at specialty pet stores (about 10 in San Francisco, CA). I considered purchasing it from Dr. Harvey’s website directly, which was cheaper (retail – $12.95), with shipping it came out to $20. I saw the product on Amazon for $15.99, and since I am an Amazon Prime member, shipping was free, however due to low inventory, the price went up to $17.10! It is a hot item! Definite great buy. You’ll have your dog’s tail wagging like crazy!

CarrolAldrich, MO

healthy treats for dogs

I have been giving my dog Dr Harvey’s freeze dried tripe patties as a treat each morning for over a year. Tripe is so healthy for dogs and although these patties are a bit pricey i know i am giving her a treat that is nutritious and healthy and she absolutely loves them.
MarianneBrookfield, IL

Dr. Harvey’s Freeze-Dried Green Tripe Power Patties

Dr. Harvey’s Freeze-Dried Green Tripe Power Patties my pup loves these things shippimg is super fast and are well packed
HaleyDickerson Run, PA