Dr. Oetker Original Pudding Mix, Chocolate, 1.75-Ounces, 3-Count Pouches

Cream pudding, chocolate is traditional rich and delicious. Available in a wide variety of flavours. Dr. Oetker traditional puddings are perfect for pies. It contains cornstarch, Dutched cocoa (processed with alkali), dextrose, salt. All nutritions facts and minerals are in it. With the high quality of the raw materials and the stable ratio of active ingredients, he was able to guarantee housewives perfect baking results every time. The Oetker family acts according to the principle that “the interests of the company take precedence over the interests of the proprietors”. The Dr. Oetker brand can be seen internationally within baking powders, baking mixes, dessert mixes, cereals, conserves, frounceen pizza, frounceen pizza snacks, yogurts and chilled desserts and in some countries with national specialities such as savoury snacks and teas.

Quick facts

  • Case of ten units, 1.35-ounce x 3 boxes
  • Cooked pudding; prepare with 2% or whole milk
  • Perfect for pies or tarts
  • Eat as a snack on it’s own
  • Made in Canada

Top reviews

Just like home

My husband is from Hungary and craves foods that he grew up with. This is one of them and he is delighted beyond belief to have a taste of “home”. I love it too!
ChantelThermopolis, WY