Dr Pepper “SODA POPS” Freeze & Eat Frozen Treats

Made With REAL Dr Pepper Flavor! 1 FRESH box of 10 1oz Dr Pepper Soda Freezer Pops!!! These are VERY Good!!! Just freeze and enjoy!!!

Quick facts

  • Freezer Pops Made With REAL Dr Pepper Flavor!
  • Delicious and Low Calorie – Only 15 Calories Per Pop!
  • Great For The Dr Pepper Fan In Your Life!

Top reviews

good thing but bad

Good thing but look like freezy turd delicious and good for babie eating for good and brittle bone i am from the ukraine sorry englais not arsome but i think all should 2 buy because for fast eating kids! Thank you for all of the shipping and fast times with no wait for delivery all the way to glorious ukraine, where sale of frozen soda in cafeteria is forbidden on penalty of goats. love the thank you sir!
CandanceVan Wert, IA

Taste just like Dr Pepper

I found these very good! BUT, they are really small. A bit pricey for the size of the pops. Want to try to find them cheaper. (Note: I do not rate items based on pricing. The rating should be on the consumer’s like or dislike of the product. Drives me crazy when I see someone give an item a low rating because of the price, because when you push the button to order, you’ve agreed to pay the price listed.)
CecileNorth Henderson, IL