Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath, 32 Ounce

Dr.Singha’s Mustard Bath. Description: The Original Formula with Powdered Mustard Seed. Eucalyptus. Rosemary. Wintergreen and Thyme. Mustard Bath has been renowned for its stimulating, rejuvenating and cleansing qualities and may be helpful with stress, muscle and joint soreness, congestion, skin conditions, tension, sleeplessness and is supportive during a cleansing program. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Quick facts

  • The original formula with powdered mustard seed
  • Mustard bath has been renowned for its stimulating, rejuvenating and cleansing qualities and may be helpful with stress, muscle and joint soreness
  • Supportive during a cleansing program

Top reviews

Wonderful Stuff

A great pick-me-up and cleanser. After a bath in this stuff, you feel like someone took a million tiny dustbusters cleaned out every pore on your body. It’s also been recommended in some books for grief therapy, because the mustard helps relieve some of the physical symptoms of grief. It also doesn’t dry out your skin.
VerdaVermillion, KS

Great Stuff!

Great Horny Toads! This is great stuff! I tried it on a whim while suffering dreadful sinusitis and nasal polyps. OK, it didn’t cure anything, but it sure made me feel better, got the sinus passages to open up, and enabled me to sleep. I ended up needing sinus surgery (The whole caboodle: every sinus) and I used this every day up to the day of surgery to keep the drainage going while I was on prednisone.

Best advice is to bring a bottle of water with you into the bathroom while you soak, and don’t make the mix too strong. Keep it to two ounces per full tub. And do sit for 20 minutes, even if you have to keep topping off the tub with more water. It will loosen up phlegm and get that blood circulating.

Then, you MUST get into bed and stay warm. Don’t get chilled afterward.

I was able to do the brief cold shower ritual only once. The mustard bath makes me too sleepy and a little light headed. So normally I wrap up in a huge towel and exit the bathroom to dry off and change. Then under the blankets for at least an hour.

Wonderful stuff!

MingMuldrow, OK

AAAAH what a relief!

Okay the secret is now out! Singhas mustard bath is some great stuff. You have no idea how great this product is until you have experienced the benefits. I take this mustard bath and mix it in a igloo of cold water and bring it to my basketball games and dip my towel in it. Take the dipped towel and wrap around your neck and oh my God you just cool down immediately and the smell opens your sinus and helps you breath even better. A definite adrenaline edge on the court.

I also use this in my jacuzzi bath for achey muscles after a work out. But I think the ultimate indulgence is a towel dipped in cold water and mustard bath. Incredible! Try it for your post work out or during your work out, it rocks!

HollisBlanchard, LA

works great!

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! normally after long runs on sat, i soak in epsom salt…and it DEF helps with the soreness….BUT…last night, after running 14 miles, i soaked in the mustard seed bath….and i could actually get outta bed this am with hardly ANY PAIN…AMAZING..
KatherinFalkland, NC

Body cleanser

This product has a wonderful clean scent. It is great for ridding yourself of those muscle aches and pains….a wonderful relaxant and detoxifier. I would recommend it for anyone.
MayaFanwood, NJ


My husband and I have used this mustard bath for several years now. It really helps soothe sore muscles and it’s especially great the day of a massage to draw out more toxins.
RefugiaRidley Park, PA

Love this mustard bath!

I love this product! I have been using this mustard bath for a few years whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on. It helps me get over it quicker. Good to soothe aches and pains. Highly recommend it.
KatherinaSan Ramon, CA

Dr.Singha’s Mustard bath is a must for sore muscles!

I’ve used this product for years to remove lactic acids that build up after deep tissue massage therapy, or after a vigorous work-out. It’s relaxing and if you want to, you can put in a drop or two lavender oil for the ultimate aromatherapy relaxation treatment. Bought one for me and one as a Christmas gift. This is one “must have product for me! I don’t recommend products unless I see results, and this delivers! Great Value & find on Amazon!
EmmalineOhiopyle, PA

Who needs Epsom

I have used multiple bath soaks. I am a swimmer so my muscles get extremely sore. I have tried Epsom salt over the years but ran into this product at a local grocery store. I fell in love with it. I was scared the tub would only come with directions on how much to put in, but low and behold it has a scooper so you know. It dissolves easily into the tub and is easy to wash off. I highly recommend this product as an athlete and for anyone with arthritis and/or sore muscles from small injuries, standing all day, or just needing a soothing bath.
BillieWhite Plains, MD

Mustard Bath will make you sleepy

Normally I assume that any bath product, other than epsom salt, which claims to be soothing and relaxing is just going to smell good and not be useful. The mustard bath exceeded my expecations. I tried it the day after a night of drinking, and after 15 minutes I had the urge to get out of the tub immediately and lie down. Took a 2 hour nap, and felt totally refreshed afterward. Definitely good for detox!
FrancescaWarrendale, PA

WOW beyond impressed

i have bought hundreds of items from amazon and never bother to leave a review…. this bath stuff impressed me SO much i had to leave a review and highly recommend it. had the most horrific aches & pains this morning after a day of horrible stomach sickness, lots of throwing up… 20 minute hot bath and cold shower just like the directions said, my aches and muscle pain were literally gone. this stuff is a miracle, i will buy it for the rest of my life.
AddieCache, IL

it helped a little

It helped my foot pain just a little but it did make the skin softer on the bottom of my feet.Dr Singha’s Mustard Bath – 32 oz – Powder
IrmaPuerto Real, PR


I am a fan of this mustard bath, especially when I feel a cold coming on or need to relax muscles that are sore. It helps me sweat while in the bathtub and usually the next day my cold is gone. I love the smell of the mustard and wintergreen but don’t like that I need to scrub the tub right after as it makes an orange color ring around the tub. It is easy to remove so don’t worry.
DeettaCressona, PA