Dream Water Natural Sleep Aid, GABA, MELATONIN, 5-HTP, 2.5oz Shot, Snoozeberry, 24 Count

Dream Water is a natural, 0-calorie, 2.5 ounce sleep and relaxation shot featuring the unique, fast acting SleepStat Natural Blend consisting of GABA to help reduce anxiety, Melatonin to help induce sleep, and 5-HTP to help improve the quality of sleep. Scientifically formulated and drug free, Dream Water’s key ingredients work together to help you relax, fall asleep naturally, and wake up refreshed.

Quick facts

  • Natural, 0-Calorie, 2.5oz sleep and relaxation shot, helps you wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated
  • As your new bedtime and travel companion (TSA Compliant), Dream Water can help you get your Zzzs at home, on the road, or in the air
  • A Fast-Acting Liquid supplement form for better nutrient absorption, Non-Habit Forming, Natural alternative to prescription or over-the-counter pills
  • Proprietary SleepStat Natural Blend of GABA, Melatonin, & 5-HTP is an OU Certified Kosher, Gluten Free, Liquid Sleep Aid
  • As featured on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and Favorite Things, Dream Water can help you relax, promote restful sleep, and can help you wake up without the morning after grogginess

Top reviews

Use this to sleep sound on long flights.

The way I see it, there are only two ways to get good sound sleep on a 12 hour plus flight: 1 Buy a first class ticket where you can actually pay for comfort enough to sleep, or buy this wonderfull snooze liquid and be out like a light for most of the flight. I can see how you would not want to be using this stuff if you need to be driving or paying attention to importantant tasks. This stuff will put you out!!!!
AlethaGloucester City, NJ


According to the National Sleep Foundation, 63 % of Americans don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Not good. As well as screwing up your work day, being tired can lead to getting fat! Sleep deprivation can have neuro-hormonal effects. Studies show it leads to elevated levels of serum ghrelin, which is our appetite-stimulating hormone, and lower levels of leptin, a hormone that tells our brains when we’re full. As a result, we take in more calories and thus gain weight. Not to mention, fatigue can also make us sedentary.

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there is a relationship between sleep and health, including weight. So as hard as it is to get seven to nine hours a night, your health depends on it. Prescription sleeping pills are usually the go to to treat insomnia but they don’t provide the kind of sleep your body needs, not to mention their serious addictive properties. I’m always on the hunt for non habit forming, all natural sleep aids and I’ve found a great new item that seems too good to be true. It’s called Dream Water. And it really is a dream. In fact, celebs are snatching it like diet pills. Even Bill Clinton is a fan!

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RisaFaxon, OK

Dream Water works for me – at half dose.

I am a nurse that works night shift and travels frequently. Between the two, I have a funky sleep schedule and sometimes go through periods of extreme insomnia.

Then, at the airport in Long Beach, CA I found Dream Water. I was a little shocked at the price but decided to try it anyway. Because it was expensive, I tried half a shot and it worked, well, like a dream. A whole shot makes me do weird things in my sleep, but a half shot makes me fall asleep and get a good 6-8 hours with no hangover effect – even during my severe episodes of insomnia.

As a nurse, I would like to recommend that you be careful taking it every day. One of the ingredients (5-HTP) can cause serotonin syndrome in certain doses. Since we don’t know the exact dose they use, I would look up serotonin syndrome and be on the look out for side effects if you take it regularly. Just in case. I haven’t had any side effects, but better safe than sorry.

Also, be careful mixing it with certain other meds used to adjust mood (anxiety/depression meds) or other sleep aids – even natural ones. Just a heads up.

FrancescoSparta, IL

Pricey but effective

I have used every sleep aid under the sun (& moon 😉 from Ambien, Lunesta, to Diphenhydramines, natural remedies and more. None were effective, and unless you enjoy the bizarre side effects from the prescription options (personally I found rather unpleasant and gave a hangover) nothing got me to sleep or stay asleep.

As a huge skeptic I considered “Dream Water” to be another load of over promises, but bought one anyway, probably because of the neat packaging and weirdly appealing “Snoozeberry” flavor. Well in short, I am writing this review because after a week, it has worked for me. Though I do not feel particularly tired by midnight, I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep with this product.

The ingredients listed (Melatonin etc.) are nothing new to me, so I am unsure why it is effective or the mixture of their “Proprietary Sleep & Relaxation Blend 150mg) but I cannot complain. Zero calories and tastes nice too.

So overall, I give it 5/5. Should it stop working (fingers crossed it does not) I shall revisit this review later. Best of luck to the other insomniacs out there, and sleep well.

TorrieDavenport, FL

It works!!!

I have TERRIBLE insomnia, and have used every OTC and prescription drug to remedy it. So I was thinking that this stuff would not work either. But it does! I’ve taken all three of these supplements contained in Dream Water together, and they still didn’t pack the punch of Dream Water. Truly an amazing product. It delivers. I wish it were less expensive, because I drink one nightly.
EloiseFruitvale, ID