Dreamfields, Pasta Spaghetti, 13.25-Ounce

Dreamfields pasta healthy carb living, spaghetti, 13.25-ounce boxes (pack of 20) means long, thin strands. It is the most popular type of all pastas and is suited for a wide variety of dishes. spaghetti can be served with red sauce, like spaghetti marinara or with white sauce like spaghetti carbonara

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty, 13.25-ounce boxes(total of 265-ounces)
  • Shaped like long, thin strands
  • Popular type for all pastas and is suited for a wide variety of dishes

Top reviews

Ciao To Unsatisfying Pasta

I tried this pasta because it was on sale at my local store, I usually buy the discount-priced store brands. And I was willing to excuse the slightly higher price (even with a coupon) on the premise I was eating ‘heathy’.

Well, I found out that after eating a dish of this stuff, I felt hungry again by dinner. I have fairly good diet control, so I assumed it was the low-carb construction. Having not eaten a low-carb pasta before, I was theorizing on it’s effects.

I then did some independent web research on this suspicion. And other people also had the same experience after having eaten this product. It does not leave you full. This defeats the purpose of eating.

Buying this product at any price was a waste if I was not nourished. I might as well only had been imagining about eating. And considering that I buy pasta to be economically frugal in today’s oh-so trying times, this is one brand which won’t be cooked up again.

FlorentinaWesthoff, TX

Great product, but sneaky manufacturer

I have been a big fan of Dreamfields pasta and have recommended it often, however, I am quite irritated at the manufacturer at the moment. They recently changed box sizes from 16 to 13.25 ounces and kept the price the same. This product is already higher priced than most other brands of pasta; I justified the price because of the reduced carbs and comparable taste to regular pasta products, but the sudden reduction from 16 to 13.25 ounces without a drop in price has got me questioning whether I still want to purchase this product.

I just went to Dreamfields’ website to see if they had an announcement on their homepage concerning the change in size and they didn’t; in my opinion a change of this magnitude deserves some mention on their homepage. The company sent no announcement of the size change via email (I am on their mailing list). I think the consumer at least deserves an explanation. Not doing so is bad customer service and there is something about it that seems sneaky to me.

TomasButler, IN

very sneaky people- HARDLY LOW CARB, but less carbs than regular pasta

Here’s what it says over the label- Total Carbs 41, Fiber -5, Protected Carbs -31 = digestible carbs 5

Now, what the hell are “protected carbs”? No one knows. This is a term that the company coined themselves. And they don’t really give any explaination either. When you go on their website they claim that these “protected carbs” are not digestible. Really? Well then why don’t you go ahead and tell us what exactly they are then?

I asked 2 nutritionists about this and they both told me that they are familiar with Dreamfields Pasta and both stated it is a scam that uses tricky wording on their labels! One nutritionist told me that her patients would have no insulin spike but then 4 hours after eating the pasta suddenly it would spike drastically. She believes all this pasta does is slow the digestion to a point where it tricks people for a few hours into thinking they are taking in only 5 carbs. Both doctors said that the real net carb content of this pasta is actually around 36. Which is still less than other pastas, but not by much. I eat this pasta as I am not diabetic and it does taste good and have less carbs, but I have diabetic relatives and I would never cook it for them. When I’m done with the dreamfields I have left over I’m going to try Carba-Nada pasta…which isn’t really low carb, but it’s lower than Dreamfields and they don’t have tricky nutrition labels. Haven’t tried it yet though so I can’t comment on it any more than that.

DelbertMilltown, MT

Low carb pasta that tastes like regular pasta.

If you are not into the texture of whole wheat pasta….try Dreamfields Pasta. It has the Good Housekeeping Seal! You can’t go wrong because each serving has 5 grams of net usable carbs which is so much healthier for your body than regular pasta. Check it out for yourself and smile. : )
MaybelleOmak, WA

Great taste, low carbs

First the taste – I’m a huge pasta lover and this tastes just as good to me as any pre-made pasta I’ve ever had. It’s also completely filling and satisfying.

I’m pre-diabetic and so far seem to have elevated blood sugar only in the mornings, so this may not be relevant to people with full diabetes, but here are the results of my tests. An evening meal including a double portion of Dreamfields and 30 grams of carbs from another dish gave me a modest rise in blood sugar, about what I’d expect from a 40-50 gram meal. On another occasion when I ate a double portion of Dreamfields alone in the late morning, my blood sugar had dropped slightly six hours later. I had read a couple of people complaining that they got high readings eight hours or so after eating Dreamfields but this doesn’t seem to happen to me.

Extra fiber is always another plus. With the lowered carbs Dreamfields should also be lower calorie but there don’t seem to be any official claims for that.

Again according to my readings: don’t overcook it, reheat it, or cook it in something acidic like tomato sauce or the carb-hiding effect will be lost. (It’s fine to add tomato sauce after the pasta is cooked.)

The only drawback is the price, but it’s well worth it to be able to eat pasta and not be concerned about the carbs.

TamaWilliamstown, VT

Best Pasta Ever!!!

I have been using Dreamfield’s Pasta for the past year. It tastes amazing. In fact, I like it better than regular pasta. It never clumps together when cooked. As a recently diagnosed Diabetic, I have noted that my blood sugars do not soar up following a Dreamfield’s Pasta meal. That’s a bonus given that most high carb meals cause a huge peak in blood sugars. We don’t have it available locally so I order it through Amazon and it usually arrives within a week. Great product and will continue to purchase it.
WindyCrook, CO

great taste

This pasta is great, you would never know it is low carb. It is the only pasta we eat!
NikkiGreen, KS

Best Healthy Option

This is the best healthy pasta option on the market. Taste great, has high fiber content! With the economy the way it is, you cannot beat the value of pasta.
LanelleWilmette, IL

Why so sneaky?

I care less about carbs than I do calories for weight control, and when I went to the Dreamfields website it gives a very confusing and evasive explanation of the number of calories per pack. So I emailed for an explanation and the explanation was equally evasive. It says to essentially to forget the FDA required nutritional label of 190 calories because you will only be digesting 129 calories. So I asked and they later confirmed that yes you are actually putting 190 calories in your mouth, but I guess you have to accept their opinion that you only will absorb 129. I keep a journal of all calories, so do I document 190 or 129? If it was only 129 why would they be required to put 190? To me it sounds like a game, the same game they appear to be playing with the carb count. Unless it is otherwise univerally accepted by the scientific community I say it has 190 calories.
BarabaraGoldendale, WA

dreamfields pasta

I was surprised that a “modified” pasta could taste so good. I’m not diabetic, but want to eat healthier where I can, so this pasta peaked my interest. I cooked it very simply – just added a good olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried marjoram after it was boiled (slightly undercooked) – very good. I could see where you might not stay full for long with the reduced carbs, but if you want to be able to eat pasta this is a good one to try.
MikkiFultondale, AL

Fantastic Low Carb Pasta! Highly Recommended

This great tasting pasta is a diabetic’s Godsend! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for ways to reduce my carb intake. Up till now that has meant avoiding pasta completely since a single serving of normal pasta has about 35 – 40 carbs. This has been one of the biggest impacts to my diet as we love Italian cooking. I was not sure about Dreamfields’ claim to only have 5 carbs, but we gave it a try anyway.

After having a full serving, my blood sugar levels only took a modest rise, about what I would have expected from 5 carbs (plus the 15 others from the rest of the meal)!

It does cost more than regular pasta, but it is worth it to me to be able to eat pasta again.

Highly Recommended!

LoreConnellsville, PA

Good for diabetics

This pasta does not raise my blood sugar. Watch your sauce, use a marinara sauce and you will do well.
ArgentinaHilbert, WI

Read the scientific studies people–This is a scam!

It tastes great but doesn’t stand up to scientific testing on its claim of “low-carb” or their other marketing. Dreamfield’s is a fraud. Just search for National Institute of Health on their findings for this pasta and its affect on blood. In part “In 10 people without diabetes, the Dreamfields pasta product we purchased did not result in an improved glucose excursion when compared with a commercially available traditional pasta product as would have been expected based upon the company’s claim.”

Do your own research folks! Especially if you have Type 2 Diabetes!

LasonyaGurdon, AR

great tasting low carb pasta!

I buy a case of this pasta every year at Christmas time for my mom. She is a diabetic and can’t get this product locally. She loves the flavor and texture of this pasta and it has little impact on her blood sugar so it allows her to have the pasta dishes she loves without wreaking havoc on her diabetes. Great product. I’ve been using this pasta exclusively for the past 8 years. It’s been a great way to remain on my low carb program and enjoy my favorite pasta dishes!
ZoraGrosvenor Dale, CT

Good tasting pasta

My wife is a pasta lover and diabetic. Although we do not count the carbs as 5g (that would be a free food) we count it as 2 servings (30gs instead of all 42g). Our dietitian says preliminary investigations look promising but the jury is still out regarding the amount of carbohydrate effect on blood sugar levels of diabetics (types 1 and 2) but that it is a good source of fiber. Good tasting and good source of fiber, Dreamfield’s Pasta in moderation, works very well for us.
DorothyStrattanville, PA