Healthy Penne pasta. Just one bite of Dreamfields pasta with your favorite spaghetti sauce will convince you that pasta is indeed back in your menu. Unlike other healthy pastas, Dreamfields gets very high marks from its customers for incredible taste and texture that’s almost like the real thing! A typical 2-oz serving of regular pasta is an astounding 42g carbs, but Dreamfields pasta has only 5g digestible carbs. Astound your friends and family with this “diet” pasta that will have them begging for more. Dreamfields Pasta is the perfect way to eat healthy and manage your diet and family nutrition. Dreamfields has five grams of digestible carbs, is naturally cholesterol free, and saturated fat-free and contains zero grams of trans fat. Dreamfields helps limit by 65% the rise in blood glucose levels that normally occur after eating ordinary pasta. This low glycemic index for Dreamfields Pasta makes it perfect for many people with Diabetes. Kids love the taste of Dreamfields so everyone in your family will love it.

Quick facts

  • Great tasting pasta with authentic texture
  • 5 grams of digestible carbs per serving
  • 5 grams of fiber; twice the fiber of regular pasta
  • Cholesterol free, no trans fats, low glycemic index
  • Guaranteed great taste or we refund your money

Top reviews

Outstanding — why bother with other pasta?!

I love this pasta so much that I’m constantly paranoid that it’s not really low carb. There is absolutely no taste difference, and it preps exactly the same as regular pasta.
ChayaCorunna, MI


I highly recommend the Dreamfields line of pastas. I would put these to a blind taste test with any and every pasta I’ve ever had, and hands down you can’t taste the difference.
ErvinAscutney, VT

good product for low carb

dieters. My local is no longer carrying it, so I am happy to see it on the list at Amazon. One hint: reduce the cooking time by a minute less than the lowest number of total minutes. By the time the pasta is drained and reheated in the sauce a sec it will be a perfect al dente texture and will hold its shape.
PierrePinckney, MI

Pasta is back

Being on the Atkins diet makes you have to give up pasta…until now. The product tastes just like regular pasta and was fantastic!
KennyEast Vassalboro, ME

Fantastic Low Carb Pasta! Highly Recommended!

This great teasting pasta is a diabetic’s Godsend! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for ways to reduce my carb intake. Up till now that has meant avoiding pasta completely since a single serving of normal pasta has about 35 – 40 carbs. This has been one of the biggest impacts to my diet as we love Italian cooking. I was not sure about Dreamfields’ claim to only have 5 carbs, but we gave it a try anyway.

After having a full serving, my blood sugar levels only took a modest rise, about what I would have expected from 5 carbs (plus the 15 others from the rest of the meal)!

It does cost more than regular pasta, but it is worth it to me to be able to eat pasta again.

Highly Recommended!

MortonSaranac, NY

Have your low carb diet and your Penne a la Vodka, too!

I bought the Dreamfields Penne pasta and Victoria’s Vodka Sauce (only 4 carbs per cup of sauce in any grocery store). I got to stay on my low-carb diet without cheating at all and have Penne a la Vodka for under 10 carbs. How great is that?!
StaciaPorterfield, WI

Dreamfields Pasta

All of the Dreamfields Pasta products have exceeded my expectations. I am diabetic and need the benefit of lower carb higher fiber foods. Dreamfields pasta really helps. It cooks just like ordinary pasta, you won’t be able tell a difference in the way it cooks and the taste is that of better brand pastas. It is worth the trouble to find (my local store won’t stock it)and worth the bit of extra money.
AlbertWheat Ridge, CO

Can not tell the difference in this item and high carb pasta.

You will not be able to tell the difference in this item and high carb. More expensive, but, it is well worth the money if you want to control your carb intake.
NevadaMonument Valley, UT

Excellent Substitute

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I love pasta and now on my low carb diet i do not have to sacrifice. I would recommend this product. I will definately purchase again.Dreamfields Penne Rigate
RoyalMount Perry, OH

Great way to reduce carbs!

I gave this pasta a try after being diagnosed with diabetes. I agree with all of the other reviews who say that you cannot taste the difference. I serve this to my whole family and nobody can tell the difference. I was VERY disappointed when our local stores stopped selling this and was equally as happy when I found it here on Amazon.

Try this pasta, you won’t be disappointed.

ElizebethWhipple, OH

You Won’t Miss the Carbs

This is the best low-carb pasta on the market. With others, you can really taste the difference, but not the Dreamfields. It tastes just like traditional pasta. If you’re living a low-carb lifestyle, you can still enjoy your favorite pasta dishes. Thank you, Dreamfields!
StephaineGlen Daniel, WV

Great Low Carb Treat

I use Dreamfields all the time now. It is just as good as regular pasta in most dishes, but not quite as good in a cold pasta salad. Still good enough to give it 5 stars!
OlindaFollansbee, WV

A great carb solution for those with diabetes

As just plain pasta, I love it. Several Italian friends who have no need to watch carbs love it. As a solution to having hard spots and a bitter taste that comes with whole wheat, Dreamfields is a dream come true. Cooking time and preparation is the same as for regular pasta. Buy it, you’ll like it.
LishaSolon, ME

Dreamfields is DREAMY!

I follow a low carb diet to control my blood sugar, being diabetic, which means giving up a lot of yummy stuff, but not pasta!
I’ve tried about half a dozen brands of low-carb pasta, and I have to say, Dreamfields is the ONLY one that tastes like “real” pasta (others taste like soy or cardboard, etc.).
I LOVE this stuff!


KiyokoCottonton, AL

Dreamfields Pasta

I am medically on a low carb diet and their products increase the quality of my life!
TaylorBedford, MA