Dried Black Fungus

Also known as cloud ear, tree ear or silver ear . They have a slightly crunchy texture and delicate, almost bland flavor that more often than not absorbs the taste of the more strongly flavored ingredients with which they are cooked.

Quick facts

  • Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

Top reviews

Packaging not as pictured

I found this “dried black fungus” on an “oddest items available through Amazon list” and ordered a package as a gag gift for a friend. Unfortunately, the bag which arrived is not the same as the photo in the listing, and doesn’t say “Dried Black Fungus.” I can’t say whether the dried mushroom strips (?) the bag contains are any good, but I would suggest only ordering this product if you intend to eat it- not because of the humorous packaging.
BrindaMayfield, MI

Poor product.

I received this item in a shipment of other items ordered from this store. I order black fungus or tree ear mushroom quite often. I know how they are suppose to look. This product looked like it had been ran over by a steam roller and reduced to crumbs and powder. I will be returning this for a refund. The package was shipped in a good protective box. so i know it was shipped in this condition. I would have never fulfilled an order that looked like this.
JohnnaFremont, MO