Dried Garbanzo Beans- Organic- 8 Oz

Dried garbanzo beans that can be used for seed, gardening, hummus, cooking, food storage, sprouts.

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Good germination rate

I’ve planted about 30 seeds so far, and I’d estimate a near 100% germination rate. What else could you ask for?
KristanLinden, PA

Product good, delivery slow

My subject line says it all. The product is fine, dried beans after all. What could be wrong but I must have waited two weeks for it to come. That is not the service I am used to when dealing with Amazon.
KiethGoshen, CA

Great chickpeas for hummos

I searched all over the Web for small chickpeas (at least something like the Bulgarian style) like these, which I believe make the best hummos. These are the real deal!
MyrtaBoon, MI