Dried Red Bell Pepper Dices, 2 oz.

Dried Red Bell Pepper Dices, 2 oz.

Quick facts

  • Diced, dehydrated, 2 oz
  • Red bell peppers ready for that recipe that only needs a small amount of peppers.
  • Add a little color to that canned corn.
  • Save money with combined shipping by ordering several items from Barry Farm.

Top reviews

delivered quick and packed well

I haven’t tried the product yet but it was delievered quickly and priced right. I would have preferred it be packed in a bag that wasn’t zip-lock but this does allow you to re-seal. Good bargin. Two ounces of dried peppers is a pretty big bag.
AleciaNewark, CA

Really Tasty And Versatile…

I do a lot of hiking and camping, and have used quite a few dried products from Barry Farms. If you don’t mind the taste of dried dairy and veggie products, there is just about nothing you will not find that they haven’t managed to dry and bag. Most of the products by them I came into acquaintance with way back when my son was a youngin’ and in the scouts and we did a lot of camping. A few of the products have stayed with me as extra tasty and versatile now that I am tending to face the savage wilderness alone. Barry’s red bell pepper is one of the best items to have along on a hike, or just to have included in any survival kit. Bell peppers dress up and add some spice to just about any meat, fish, or stew that you can manage to put together out in the wilderness. And as already noted in the other review, dried products such as this last literally for years without spoiling. This dried pepper is for some reason a lot more favorable to me than genuine bell pepper. A lot of dried products from Barry Farms have spices added, so perhaps it is the excellent garnish they use. In any event, a little of this pepper goes a long way. So don’t let the small 2 oz package fool you. I not only recommend this to add some fine flavoring to whatever campfire cooking you encounter, but I also recommend checking out some of the products by Barry Farms. They’re not all worth it or as flavorful, but most of them are. And like the other reviewer here, I also recommend you buy several products at once and save a bundle on the shipping. Recommended…
ChiCathay, ND

Dried Bell Pepper

This makes a good addition to your earthquake or desaster stocks, It is easy to use and will keep for a long time.
StuartMoose Pass, AK

My Foot!!!

After waiting some 3 weeks for this product, thanks in part to one reviewer who, in fact, swayed my decision with the comments “Two ounces of dried peppers is a pretty big bag.” I got some teeny, tiny little 3 x 5 or so zip-close bag with what looks like red pepper bits, flakes and DUST! I will NEVER make this mistake again. They even have the gall to put in the directions to “Add 1 C. red peppers to boiling water to reconsitute – – ONE CUP???!!!??? I would guess that not even the entire bag makes 1 cup and it is CERTAINLY NOT “a pretty big bag,” as noted. I was expecting luscious CHUNKS of dried red pepper dices, as advertised and I got a bunch of dust and flakes for my apparently wasted money. NO MORE! Do not bother.
Make your own. That’s got to be a better deal. “a pretty big bag,” My Foot!
KayceMyra, WV

Dried Red Bell Peppers

So very happy with this company and I will tell others about them. Keep up the good work and your bussiness will grow, grow and grow.
GeorgettaTecumseh, MI