Drogheria & Alimentari Organic All Natural Spice Grinder Garlic, 1.76 Ounce Jars

Built in grinder. Product of Italy.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 1.76-ounce jars (total of 5.28-ounces)
  • All natural
  • Has a fresh taste

Top reviews

Wonderful product

I love having the grinder combined with the garlic. It is a great concept and so practical, quick and easy to use that way. It also makes it so easy to control how much garlic you want to use each time. The garlic always tastes fresh when you grind it for each dish, and it doesn’t clump up like regular ground garlic always does after having it in the cupboard for awhile. I find it fun to use, also. There is no mess or wasted time. It is a great product.
CliftonGeorgetown, MN

best of the freeze dried garlics

Simply the best of all of them. The grinder is annoyingly difficult but the product is wonderful. The Italians really know gourmet garlic!!
MartinBaytown, TX

I love this product!!!

I have been using this product for years, and when it disappeared from the grocery store spice isle, I was devastated. I found it online, and have been ordering it here since then, now only to find out it is OUT OF STOCK! I am hoping this is a very temporary situation. I use this on all my vegetables, and whenever I need a little garlic kick, even sometimes when I have used whole garlic in my recipe. Sometimes it just needs more garlic. I have given this away to other people because it is such a handy way to season with garlic. I use a lot of fresh garlic too, but for my veggies or a quick garlic infusion, this is the ticket!
DivinaRumney, NH

Garlic Good Golly

Received garlic in a timely manner. product very tasty. I use it on everything. 4 stars only because of amount vs price. happy otherwise
DavisGloucester City, NJ

D&A Spice Mill – Garlic At Its Best

If you’re like me, often you just don’t have the time or forgot to buy some fresh garlic at the store, and pretty much bottled dry garlic just doesn’t cut it – I’ve tried them all! BUT…. that’s where D&A Garlic comes in – their spices, Garlic, Salt, Pepper and others, are simply the best possible products is an easy to use grinder container. Yes, you can easily find similar products at the store, but NOT similar taste. Go ahead, try the garlic – heat up some spaghetti in a pot, add butter to coat, and grind on a nice amount of D&A Garlic, stir and let sit for just a minute or two – the fresh and natural flavor, as well as small fresh garlic pieces will astound you (and no tomato needed!) Try adding some fresh garlic to your buttered popcorn, get inventive! The Med. Salt and the Multi-pepper are equally fantastic on your steaks, eggs or other favorite standard fare – add some spice to your life today. These are worth the extra price – you pay for what you get! (and if you want quality, taste, and unmatched excellence – this is it. (I even had some old Garlic that was 3 years past its recommended best use date, and it was still wonderful – better than the other junk I had just bought at the store, which is what prompted my to retry this brand from Italy – made in Florence, with care and pride).
CleoCaratunk, ME


MckinleySummersville, MO

just like fresh

I ordered three different types of these grinders. They are great, last a long time & great fresh tasting flavor. A little really does go a long way, I’m watching my salt intake so the natural flavor of the garlic is perfect.
LinoFullerton, ND

Lazy Cook’s garlic

I use this stuff when I’m too lazy to chop up real garlic or if I run out. My grocery store stopped carrying so I was glad to see Amazon carries it. You def get plenty of real garlic flavor and the grinder is constructed well enough that it still works great by the time you run out. The cap doesn’t snap on so can be easy to lose- not sure if this even really matters.
PauletteMassapequa, NY

This stuff is awesome!

This Garlic Grider is wonderful! The garlic itself is great and when it is ground into whatever you are cooking, it tastes almost like fresh! I used to live in a town where the local grocery store carried it and that was how I discovered it. I moved two years ago to another state and have had to have my son buy it and either send it or bring it to me when he visits. Now I have found it here AND with auto reorder, too! I highly recommend it but only if you love garlic
VenettaJacksonport, AR

Garlic Mill

I love garlic. This is as close to fresh as I can get. Much much better than garlic powder. Was surprised I was able to buy it from Amazon.com. Surprised but delighted.
NestorOsprey, FL

Good Taste

As other reviews have said, this tastes pretty good. It’s the best dried garlic I’ve tried. Mine came in the three-pack and I hope I use up the other two before they go stale. My only complaint is that you can’t unscrew the top — you’ve got to use the built-in grinder or break off the top completely.
RositaDouglas, AK

Wonderful product – great flavor of cracked garlic at your fingertips!

The convenience and great flavor of this product is the reason that I buy it in a 3-pack. It’s truly wonderful.
AshleighWinterville, NC

The best I’ve found.

I just have to recommend this product to anyone who hates to chop garlic.
This really tastes like fresh garlic – actually, it’s a little better, as it is stronger tasting than the real thing.
Try it – you won’t be disappointed.
YoungMillers Tavern, VA

Tastes Great, But Not So Useful

I actually purchased this to origanally replace galic powder as that what I typed in when this came up. I figured I use a peppercorn grinder and a seasalt grinder, so why not a garlic grinder. Sadly the grinder on this unit still leaves the dried garlic in large chunks, which means it is essentially putting dried minced garlic on or in your food. With how readiliy available peeled garlic cloves are at the grocery store, mincing fresh garlic is almost as easy, is cheaper, and tastes better than this product. That being said this is the best tasting dry garlic I have ever had, but I cannot recommend buying it.

Overall I am giving it four stars, as I think it is the best product at what it is, but the failed logic behind it will prevent it from getting five stars.

ChariseGranby, CT