Dubble Bubble One Inch Gumballs 16 Pounds Assorted Flavors and Colors

Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs – 850 Count Bulk Case These 850 count Dubble Bubble gum balls (aka Double Bubble) come in a traditional eight flavor mix of assorted fruit flavors. The 8 flavors are strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon-lime, orange, cherry, banana, and grape. Each gumball is 1″ or 25 mm in diameter, the standard size for commercial gumball vending machines. Refill your gumball machine with these fresh and delicious gumballs today! – Flavors: Strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon-lime, orange, cherry, banana, grape – Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter – Quantity: 850 gumballs per case – Weight: 17 pounds – Manufacturer: Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll – Logo: A “Dubble Bubble” logo is imprinted on each gumball Freshness Guarantee: Gumballs-com gum balls are the freshest and tastiest gumballs in the world! Our gumball warehouse receives factory-fresh gumball deliveries every week. With our high volume and turnover rate, our gum balls are NOT warehoused for months before shipped to you, so you’ll enjoy a long shelf-life (about 10 months). Gumballs-com guarantees your gumballs will be super-fresh when you receive them. Try our delicious gumballs and taste the difference yourself! Dubble Bubble are certified Kosher gumballs.

Quick facts

  • Case of 16-pounds
  • Gumball is imprinted with the double bubble logo
  • Sold in gumball vending machines everywhere

Top reviews

Awesome for Blowing Bubbles

There are so many different kinds of bubble gum on the market today that I would be clueless as to how to list them all. On the other hand, with a bubble gum such as Dubble Bubble, who cares?

Dubble Bubble has a long and glorious history. The gum traces its history back to a bubble gum called Blibber-Blubber developed by Frank Fleer in 1906. That gum was never marketed. Other people at Fleer’s company continued to work on the bubble gum, with the formula finished by 1928.

Perhaps the biggest change from the original Dubble Bubble to today’s Dubble Bubble are the variations in flavor. Double Bubble retains the original flavor along with a variety of other flavors, though the flavors are relatively mild.

Dubble Bubble has two features that make it one of the superior bubble gums. First, the gum gets softer as you chew it (more on that in a moment). Second, the gum makes excellent bubbles. I like the fact that the gum gets softer as you chew it, though it can be quite hard initially. There are other brands that begin soft, but seem to get chewier and stiffer the longer you chew it. I suppose the goal with those brands is to chew the flavor out and then toss the gum. However, with Dubble Bubble you can chew the gum for a long time and the gum remains soft.

I have made bubbles with Double Bubble gum a long time after I started chewing the gum. Thus, the gum maintains its softness as well as its cohesiveness for making bubbles. For even larger bubbles you can add a second gumball once the first one has been chewed for a while. However, I recommend you abstain from a third gumball; the size of the gum becomes cumbersome at that point.

In spite of the huge array of bubble gums on the market today, I continue to choose Dubble Bubble Gumballs as one of my favorites. I suspect that I always will.


ElidiaHardin, MO


I ordered this gum for a game (and the prize) of “guess how many” at my son’s circus themed birthday party. The colors of the gumballs are soooo bright and pretty…You will feel like a kid again when you open the box. It’s enough gum for a lifetime!!! The gumballs where the star of the party!!!
AlysiaRoxana, KY

Lots of big gumballs

This product is a bulk size of about 800 gumballs which are 1 inch in size. These are the size that you find in the commercial gumball machines. My kids love them and they taste pretty good. The flavor doesn’t last too long but that is typical for gum balls. We will have gum balls for our machine forever.
PeteBrowns, IL

Lots of gumballs!!!

I actually bought this product, because I am having a carnival themed wedding. I got these gumballs to use as fillers for my center pieces. I can’t wait to put them to use! This is a MUCH better deal than ordering gumballs from any other website, where you only get a pound at time! The box was in great shape too.
HollisFerron, UT

great gumballs

Great gum balls. Came on time, fresh with the typical gumball flavor and flavor lasting ability. I’ll get them again.
IsabelFagus, MO


Bought a big gumball machine and have 3 boxes of these in so far. Will probably take two more to fill it. Tasty treat and the neighbor kids love it.
JongGilford, NH

everytime i go to the mall i get one of these in the vending machine

“WOW REALLY NOW I CAN FILL MY MOUTH WITH AS MUCH GUMBALLS AS I WANT” “REALLY”??? “AAAAAWSOME”!! CHUMP CHUMP CHUMP….this really brings me back from when i went to the mall and saw that they had bubble gum….i would ask my dad for a quarter….he would say yes….its a feeling of pride and joy…..standing in front of that gumball machine………k now back to the present this package comes with 16 lbs of double bubble gum….i believe itl last you more than a year if you eat the gum at my pase…..which is like 10 a day……and for the price…..your saving quarters big time….AND WHO CARES NOW HOW MUCH BUBBLE GUM YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE…..there is only one con though……from what i remember the flavor only lasts for about 5 maby 8 minutes…..but who CARES ABOUT THAT its great tasting gum………WARNING YOU MUST BRUSH YOUR TEETH WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT OR YOU WILL LOOS ALL YOUR GUM CHOOING TEETH…..

UPDATE…….this is the info i recieved before this shipment was sent out

Number of Packages: 1
Weight: 15.4 LBS

FROM ALWAYSdirect ….

the description says 17 lbs. not 15 lbs…

this is very odd

i did rate this as five stars but now im rating it four for FALCE advertising

It seems like to me that this company waits till the very last minute to send you there product…i orderd this and they could have sent the package BEFORE the bad weather. did not send it early enough and now i have to wait for the weather to get better before they can send it out…im now putting my 4 stars to three…this business could do a lot better.


my buble gum has just arived…. i had to wait seven days to get this package…but always direct did something nice for me….i think so? because it took so long for the package to get to me they took away the shipping cost which was great…..

now about the gum

there is lots of it
tastes great

con though are this…

i dont know if it is me or not but the 1″ gum seems smaller then i once thought it was… i dont know though its still great…

im beleive this company derserves better so im changing my 3 star vote to 4 stars….good job always direct… i will shop from you again later….

MajorEast Wareham, MA

Gumball Merchant

Product good value and seller. Double Bubble only brand in my opinion. Seller slow on delivery but did finally receive as ordered.
GeriLeonardsville, NY