Dubliner Irish Cheddar – 5 lb


Quick facts

  • Pack of 5 pounds
  • Imported from Ireland
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Texture: Firm

Top reviews

A beautiful taste

I’m NOT a cheese lover by nature. I tried this at a neighbors and couldn’t believe I liked it so much. I went to Costco the next day and bought a 1.75lb block for $10.11. It is now a stocked product in my fridge. I like it as a treat with sliced apples, neighbor likes it with wine. It’s like an awesome English white cheddar with a slight sharpness yet has a sweet taste rounding it to be a “real” cheese (non American cheese) that I think most people will enjoy. It’s great melted on a sandwich and takes on a deeper color and well, mmmn! Like most cheese it’s best served for full flavor at room temperature. I eat it straight from the fridge too.
DewittTurner, ME

great Irish Cheddar!!

great as a snack!! if you love shart cheddar you will love this stuff! Check out your local markets, Costco has it cheaper than here, about $6 or $7 per pound in 2 pound blocks.
VivienneMount Holly, VT

Dubliner Cheese

I AM a cheese lover and Dubliner is THE BEST tasting cheese I have had (and I’ve wine sampled many). My husband and I love to eat Dubliner with wheat thins, sometimes with grapes, however, our favorite way of eating Dubliner is accompanied with a nice white wine. Also, my DH incorporates Dubliner as one of the MAIN ingredients in his special egg omelet, the yummiest ever! [Caution: It is a bit caloric.] Thank you Dubliner, keep it coming!
PhylisLyons, GA