Duke’s Mayonaise 8 oz.

“Best Mayonnaise in the South…Or anywhere else! Sugar Free, Low Carb! Enjoy the smooth, creamy and one-of-a kind flavor of Duke’s mayonnaise in your coleslaw, potato, egg and tuna salads, deviled eggs and dips as well as on your favorite sandwiches. Nutritional Facts Duke’s mayonnaise is naturally rich in Omega 3 ALA (alpha linolenic acid), is trans-fat free and unlike other brands, is sugar-free. Ingredients Soybean oil, eggs, water, vinegar, salt, oleoresin paprika, natural flavors, calcium disodium EDTA added to protect flavor. Contains: Eggs 8oz KOSHER”

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Duke mayo review

product was good.. as described .. however I need to try agin to confirm.. Not sure if really BETTER than hellmans.
will try helmans agin and decide. seems just as good though.
CharmainSanta Rosa, CA

The Best Mayo in the World!

I live in CA and had never heard of Duke’s Mayo until I was searching for the “perfect” Pimento Cheese spread recipe. My mom in the 1960’s use to buy Kraft pimento cheese spread in a little jar and spread it on celery sticks for appetizers but I wanted to do a recipe from scratch. Almost all of the authentic southern recipes called for Duke’s. I found it on Amazon and ordered a small jar just to test it out. I have never tasted such good mayo in my life. I am now ordering the 4-pack of the large jars. My pimento-cheese spread was a hit on Thanksgiving and I showed everyone the Duke’s mayo and they were sold on the taste and texture. Love that there is NO sugar in this mayo, too. I just made tuna melts over the weekend and used Duke’s and I am not kidding…BEST tuna melt ever – totally different taste than other mayonaisse. So glad Amazon had it – my next stop will be my local grocer to see if they can carry it here!
EdnaVersailles, MO

I love this mayo!

After living in the south for 5 years, it is hard to move north and not have Duke’s at my fingertips. We love the flavor it adds to whatever we use it for.
HarlanDeshler, NE

Free Gift!

I live in Oklahoma, but I am from SC. Dukes is not a product you can get out west. When I found Dukes Mayo on Amazon I was stoked. While we do not use much mayo, this is the only brand we will use. I ordered one, and they sent me one FREE!!
KattieNumidia, PA