Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Caramel Cake Mix 18.25oz – 6 Unit Pack


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This Cake Must Come Baked, With Frosting & a Pound of Caramel

This must be a joke, $32.28. Please correct this mis-print. I wanted to try the Caramel Cake mix. But only when the correction has been made with the price. Does Duncan Hines have it like that?
RamiroSulphur, IN

Is the price correct?

Is this cake mix REALLY $32.28?or $3.28?I dont think any cake mix is so great that people would want to buy it for $32 + shipping.WOW.
ExieCardiff, AL

Use this mix for Chocolate Chip Bars (Blonde Brownies)

There is a recipe on the side of the box for Chocolate Chip Brownies. We call them Blonde Brownies. My Grandmother had her own recipe that I used until I tried this one with the caramel cake mix. This blows my old recipe away – keeps the brownies soft for days, fantastic taste. I was so happy, until I could not find this boxed cake in any of my stores. On a fluke I Googled this cake mix and low and behold here it is on Amazon. Now I have to buy it, I have been missing my fantastic Blonde Brownies for a couple of years.
MeePerry, NY

The reviews so far are based on price…obviously neither read the description very well!

I have had this cake mix before and when I made it for a work potluck with cream cheese frosting….everyone LOVED it! I told them it was simply a box cake mix and several joked that I shouldn’t have told 🙂 I have been looking for this cake mix ever since. When a dozen people drop their jaws and tell you how fabulous of a cook you are, well, you tend to remember that moment. The previous reviews/reviewers obviously did not understand or look at the description. The $32 is for 12 boxes and is in line with other hard-to-find foods from this vendor. Amazon simply acts as a third party to market and make it more available. Yes, the prices are higher than Wal-mart, but a lot of these foods you can hardly find anywhere anymore.
LibbieAlamo, GA


Folks, you actually think a box of cake mix is $32? Duh- the price is for a case of cake mix, not just one box. And I highly recommend it.
WinfordAmbler, PA

Wonderful Caramel Flavor

I love this flavor cake mix and it is always such a hit when I take it to Potlucks or have family over. It is very hard to find. I have to stock up when I go up to Iowa or over to Virginia. It is not sold or distributed in my area of Tennessee, and I can’t get the grocery stores to stock it because they say it is not stocked in their distribution centers. I wrote Duncan Hines and they said they can’t do anything about the situation, it is up to the buyers in the distribution centers. Oh well. I bought 14 boxes the last time I was in Iowa (Thanks Hy-Vee). I grudging shared them with family members who love this cake mix flavor also. I make this cake by following the box directions but then stirring in one can of any brand of Coconut Pecan Frosting (this is my secret ingredient). Stir it in well and then bake according to box, but adding 10 or 15 minutes to baking time. Cool completely then frost with one can (or homemade) of Cream Cheese Frosting. Always a big hit. Yum!
FrankieBoston, MA

best cake ever

I was thrilled to learn that I could get DH caramel cake on amazon.com. I haven’t been able to find it in our stores for years. I thought that it had been discontinued by the manufacturer. I decided to try and get some info from Duncan Hinds, but found no way to reach them via the internet. I checked a little further an found that I might be able to order it from amazon.com. Yippee?
I found out that it is a favorite of many other people too, requiring me to be on a waiting list to get it. It was definitly worth the wait and the trouble. I was notified by e mail when it became available and placed my order. It
arrived in a timely fashion and I will definitely order it again.


caramel cake fanatic

RodrigoCoupland, TX

must try this cake

If only Duncan Hines would market this cake in our region. We were traveling and saw a carmel cake mix so picked it up to bring home to try. This cake has to be their {D.H.] very best. It was great finding it at amazon. It’s a must try!
EmeldaHarrellsville, NC