Duncan Hines Signature Caramel Layer Cake Mix, 18.25-Ounce Boxes

Signature Caramel Layer Cake Mix

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  • Pack of 6

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Great cake mix flavor base!!

The Duncan Hines Caramel Cake Mix is AWESOME as a base for cakes. From this one cake mix alone I have created two custom recipes that in my opinion enhance the flavor of the mix and the ingredients combined. I have made these two cakes a number of times and no one has been able to tell the cakes are made from a cake mix.

First cake – Bananas Foster Cake; essentially I layer the bottom of a 9″x13″ pan with sliced ripe bananas, create a caramel sauce (think almost as thick as caramel corn sauce) with dark rum on the stove and pour on top the bananas. Then I mix up the cake mix per the directions on the box adding 1/3 cup more brown sugar plus 2 mashed bananas and a little extra baking soda for lift. Pour the cake batter on top of the bananas and caramel. Before I place into an oven I toast and chop pecans and sprinkle on top again. Bake for about an hour and it is the most exquisite flavor. The cake mix truly helps cut time and ensures the cake is moist and consistently made each and every time.

Second cake – Apple Cake. Again I make a thinner caramel sauce on the stove (think a caramel flavored sauce, so it wouldn’t harden right away) using evaporated milk, butter, and brown sugar. I peel, core, and dice 2 granny smith apples and let them pre-cook on low in the caramel sauce while I prepare the cake mix per the directions on the box (adding apple pie spice as well!). I fold in the caramel-apple mixture INTO the cake mix and bake again in a 9″x13″ prepared pan for about 40 minutes. While the cake is cooking I have made a caramel drizzle or just a simple sour cream glaze for the top. Again, the cake mix has not failed me here either!

You think why not use yellow cake mix or white or something else? I have tried, but the flavor of the caramel cake mix really does add that needed background boost for the fruit without necessarily creating the almost too sweet sensation that white cake mix instills. I enjoy cakes that aren’t necessarily chocolate or cream cheese flavored heavy and the caramel is AWESOME. I would recommend this mix for anyone who enjoys doctoring up cake mixes like I do.

As for the cake flavor alone without any add-ins, it is a little dry (again you are listening to someone who usually enjoys fruit in or with cake), but the flavor is still awesome and not too sweet. It is a lighter flavor so if you are thinking ooey-gooey caramel you have the wrong mix. If making the cake straight from the box, I would recommend serving it warm with a mug of strong tea, and also a dallop of your favorite cream (whether cool whip, homemade, or even ice cream). Maybe rum raisin ice cream? 🙂

SeymourStandish, MI

Past expiration date, but good cake mix

I ordered a pack of 6 Duncan Hines Caramel cake mixes. The price was $15.00 which is fine. My total order was over $25.00 so I paid no shipping. Shipping was fast, everything packed nicely. My only complaint is that the cake mixes expiration date was past! I think on the product features Amazon should have informed that the mixes were old and past the expiration date. Not good business.
KiaraTown Creek, AL

$15 for 6 boxes? Amazon is Insane!

Don’t know about you folks, but around here cake mixes normally retail for about $1.25 per box. On sale I routinely stock up for about $1 per box. I came on amazon and looked this particular flavor up cause my local stores for some reason quit carrying it, and it one of my favorites. Always loved caramel anything, and this cake mix makes a very tasty cake. I will offer this advice to anyone who does buy it, Instead of oil as the box suggests, this cakes flavor really benefits if you replace the oil with a stick of margarine. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because Amazon is insane if they think i’m going to pay that much for a cake mix.
TimothyWestpoint, IN

A++++ Great

Fast and easy! I will purchase from again!It sure has been difficult finding this delicious cake mix. Thanks Again. Have a great day!
SharolynCade, LA

Hard to find.

We looked in all the stores in our area for the Caramel cake mix and nobody had it. Finally we saw that a third party was selling this case of 6 boxes for $6/box, including shipping. We passed. Then I stumbled across this page: $15/case ($3/box) and free shipping. We got it.

The other review saying that they were out of date made me nervous, but when we got ours, they had a year to go on them, and we used half of them the first few weeks by popular demand from friends.

Right after we got these, a friend called to say that she saw them in a store a few blocks from our house! We went to check on them and they were 6 months past the use-by date! We went to another store in the same chain and they had some unexpired ones in stock for about what we paid here.

Anyway — GREAT CAKE. My wife got a wonderful caramel icing recipe off the Web, but you can get canned caramel icing if you want the easy way.

HanneloreDundee, FL